Corazon de Swiss

November 8, 2006

Hello world!

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A blog is born!  I’ve been blogging on my MySpace page, and on blogger, under my real name, but am finding it difficult at times because there are things that I would like to publish, but won’t because I know that my boyfriend, my friends and possibly my family read them.  So I’ve started this blog under an alias and I’ll be using aliases for my loved ones. 

So, welcome to my world internet!  My name is Swiss and these are the words of my heart (and mind).  I’m an occupational therapist, living and working in Florida, where I was born.  I bet you thought there weren’t any native Floridians left, didn’t you?  There are! And I am a member of the 5th generation of my family to have been residents of Florida. My brother and a couple of my cousins have begun the 6th generation of Floridians. 
I went to the University of Florida for my undergrad and met the love of my life (we’ll call him Cheesepuff in this blog) while there although we did not start dating until I was in grad school at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. I also met my bestest friends in the whole world while I was there and they are my bestest friends still! (They’ll be introduced as we go along).
So, why the name Swiss you ask?  Well my first name is not pronounced in the way you would expect based on the spelling, and the fact that I am from the South, and we do love to add the syllables, y’all!  So, in order to avoid that terrible second syllable of my name, in high school and college my friends called me by the first syllable of my name which happens to be a type of cheese.  Then they started calling me “Brie” Cheese.  When I met a new friend and he found out about my nickname he said, I don’t like “Brie” Cheese.  Can I call you Swiss?  No one calls me Swiss but him, so I figured it would be safe to use as my alias. 
Cheesepuff and I have been dating for 3 1/2 years.  Long distance.  When we first started dating, I was in grad school and Cheesepuff was in undergrad (I am 2 years older).  I struggled with that idea when we first started dating, but was urged by many (my mom!) to not stress about it, and give Cheesepuff a chance.  So I did.  And 3 1/2 years later, Cheesepuff and I are still apart but together.  This is a source of great and frequent frustration for me.  I’ll probably blog about it A LOT.  I apologize for this in advance. 


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