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December 28, 2006

Christmas, unwrapped

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Hi internet!  I bet you were beginning to think I had fallen off the planet.  I did not- just went to PC.  Which can be like falling off the planet, especially when there is a holiday is involved. Since I’ve been back, I’ve been working on the move- thus far I have booked the rental truck and the movers.  I’ve resigned my current job.  I need to call the gal in Central Supply and start getting the boxes.  And I need to buy tape.  Lots of tape.  My plan is to begin this weekend by taking down the Christmas decorations and boxing them up.  Then I’m going to begin by going through and throwing away/giving away what can be given/thrown away.  And I am so so so tired just thinking about it all!

So, on to the unwrapping of Christmas gifts- from my family a diamond circle necklace, a new flat panel tv with dvd, orange and blue jewelry, iFlop for my iPod, a purse knitted by my grandmother a sister saying from my sister of course! .  From CP’s parents a necklace and bracelet, from M- a friendship bracelet.  Good stuff my friends, good stuff! 

I’ve been looking at real estate websites in PC for houses until my eyes water.  Ugh.  That is going to be not so much fun.  Fortunately, its a buyers market right now, and there are lots of things on the market so I can afford to take my time and look for exactly what I want.  (Although I think I have champagne taste on a beer budget) 

Goodnight internet- I’m off to catch some zzzz’z


December 21, 2006


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I’m writing on here again instead of doing the 3 million things I need to do in order to get ready to leave tomorrow, but I wanted to say…

December 20, 2006

So, what’s new?

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Oh, hi internet!  How are you?  I’m, um great!  So you want to know, huh?  About how the interview went, right?  And you want me to tell you?  Here goes.

The flights were uneventful, other than delayed in Atlanta on the way there.  So, the interview, right?  Got there at 8.  Filled out a survey.  Met with the HR person at 8:45 (finally! Do you know how hard it is to be stuck in a waiting room for 45 minutes when you are interviewing?  It’s hard!)  Met with the HR person to talk about terms and offer.  They wanted to pay less than I currently make.  She worked on it while I was speaking with the Rehab Director (who I know from my volunteering days in college), I went on a tour and a talk with the Rehab Director.  Found out more about the department.  Went back to the HR person.  She offered less money than I make again. She also explained the bonuses and then offered to match my current salary, pay off my apartment lease and the bonuses.  So I told her I’d think about it.  Made a mad dash home to change clothes, pack my stuff and get in some sweet nephew snuggles.  I should also mention that the benefits are better and cost less than the benefits of my current job.  Plus more days off!  I have to wait 3 months for them, but details.  And I’d be able to take a week off between jobs. 

So, I talked to my parents, talked to my friends, talked to CP. Thought about it.  Alot.  Sent an email to ask a couple more questions.  Talked to CP on the phone.  Avoided phone calls from the HR person and my recruiter. 
I should also mention that the Director from the place where my friend Daria works called Friday and left me a message on Friday.  Called her back on Friday on the way home. 

And finally, I made a decision.

I accepted the job.  I’m moving home.  I’ll give notice at my current job next Wednesday when I get back from my Christmas break.  My last day at my job will be Jan. 26th and I’ll start my new job Feb. 5th.  The lady from Daria’s building called today, but I had already accepted the hospital offer.  So, I’m going to look into working at Daria’s building a Saturday or two a month.  We’ll see. 

And you’ll need an update on Ringwatch 2006- no, I did not get one for Christmas.  I did however get the new watch I asked for, and a digital picture frame.  Which I had looked at, but wouldn’t buy myself, because it was a too expensive “me” present.  In other words a perfect present from CP, except that it wasn’t a ring.  Ringwatch 2007 will begin a few days….

December 10, 2006

Busy Elf!

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When I wasn’t working this weekend- I was busy shopping and wrapping presents.  I don’t have a Christmas tree- just a table top ornament tree, so they are all taking up the “Neema Chair” for now, until the sending/delivering begins.
Wrapped presents!

This is the damage so far- which is not an accurate picture because I have a couple of things ordered, a couple things my sister and I have bought together and she has with her, a couple of things yet to purchase and present to wrap, but haven’t b/c I want to show it to Cheesepuff when he is here.  I’ve also bought Christmas cards (but as yet have not decided on a picture to put in them.  REALLY need to do that.  Like, say this week.  Before I go on my interview and have Cheesepuff here for the weekend, so I can write them out next Sunday.  Plus I need to go get stamps and boxes for the things that I need to ship.  And since Cheesepuff is coming next weekend- I need to do some cleaning and vacuuming!  I also need to pack for my interview.  I’ve got all my questions thus far written down, so I should be okay, mentally.  Looks like this elf will continue to be busy!

December 7, 2006

When it rains it pours…

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Now that I’ve got the interview scheduled, I have the possibility of a second one!  How crazy is that?  One of my high school friends (Daria) is a social worker in a nursing facility and was talking about me looking for a job, and her therapy director asker her for my number so she could call me.  I emailed her my resume and we’ll see what comes of it.  Life is so interesting. 
I have had the busiest day today even though I didn’t go to work (because I am working Saturday, boo hiss). I went to the gym at 8 AM for a class called Booty Camp (and my booty is s-o-r-e).  I noticed that the women in this class had some serious bods- maybe I should reconsider this career thing and look into becoming a housefrau. 
Booty Camp was followed by a quick shower at the gym and a quick trip to the dentist.  Where they filled my cavity in about 20 minutes.  And half my face stayed numb for about 4 hours.  Even my eye was numb.  Weird sensation.  I haven’t had novocaine in quite some time so I had forgotten about how weird it feels.  Then I went shopping- I went to Bealls and got some things for a few people- me included.  And I went to get the stuff for the baby gift for my co-workers impending grandson.  Which included stops at Toys-R-Us, Target AND Wal-Mart. 
I made it home for an afternoon nap and some laundry- the cats and I also straightened up around the apartment (okay, mostly me). We also organized some things for Christmas.  I’m headed to an art show this weekend for some more presents.  A few people have me stumped.  And I have some online ordering for a couple of others, but all told, I am making good progress. 
I’ve also picked out Christmas cards and as soon as I get a good picture of the cats to go in it (M. talked me into doing a picture card with them.  I’m a little concerned people will think I’m weird, but my mother assures me that people already think this.)  I will work on getting those out.   I’ve got to figure out how many stamps I need so I can get my Christmas stamps for mailing.   
I did get some stuff for baking and am thinking about taking it in to work tomorrow and baking hello dollies (aka seven layer cookies, magic cookie bars) while there (for my co-workers and patients). 
We’re supposed to be getting a cool front this weekend which will be good because it will help keep me in the Christmas spirit.  Which I need since I have tons to do including staining my nephews name train and putting together some other presents. 

December 5, 2006

Holy update, batman!

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Yesterday, I told you that I offered to fly up for the interview if the hospital would pay for it.  And I told you that I looked up flights and they were $500 or more.  Today, about 3:00, someone from human resources called and asked me if I could do it next Friday.  I almost fell out of my chair.  Seriously! They really want to fly up there for an interview.  SERIOUSLY!!!!!  I’ll be honest internet, I NEVER thought that they would actually do it.  Haha, joke’s on me, cause they are.  I submitted a time off request to my boss, as she was off today. 
Originally they wanted me to fly out at 6 AM and return at midnight on the same day, but I talked them into working it out a little better for me.  I’m flying out at 5 on Thursday and will be back at 6:40 on Friday night.  So I’ll get short overnight with my family on Thursday night.  They even offered to rent me a car.  And as always, it’s impossible to get to my hometown without flying through Atlanta!  At least it will be an overnight trip so I can carry on my bag and not risk them losing it.  I have NEVER flown through Atlanta without arriving minus a bag at some point.  
I thought I was freaking out before, well I’m REALLY FREAKING OUT!  This is REALLY HAPPENING!!

December 4, 2006

bouncy bouncy bouncy goes my paycheck…AGAIN.

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PLUS!! UPDATES about all the other excitement of the last week of my life!(okay, maybe not so much with the excitement, but UPDATES!)

So internet, do you remember last week when I told you that I was MAD MAD MAD because my employer BOUNCED MY PAYCHECK?  Do you remember?  Do you?  Guess what?  They *&^%ing did it AGAIN!  I found out about it on Saturday morning.  When I tried to take cash out of the ATM and the bank wouldn’t let me.  Because there was no money to take.  And do you know why internet?  Do you know why the ATM would not let me have any money out of my account?  BECAUSE MY COMPANY BOUNCED MY @$%^ PAYCHECK AGAIN!  So, because it was 6AM when I made this discovery, I used all of my composure and restraint to wait until 7AM to call my boss at home and inform her of my discovery.  So, today at work, they wrote checks on an account at a local bank and allowed us to go on company time to cash the checks and deposit the cash in our own banks.  I have decided that from now on, I’ll be doing that- even if their stupid bank charges me $5 to cash a check because I don’t have an account there.  We’re switching over to direct deposit after the first of the year, so this should be alleviated soon.   And I got my regular paycheck on Friday, so I don’t know if that one will go through or not.  I have been assured that the check will clear, but I’m not so much trusting of the employer right now. 
Fortunately, I was with my sister and was able to get some money from her for our trip to Market Days in Tallahassee.  I got really good presents for some of my friends and Cheesepuff’s parents.  I am most excited about the present for Cheesepuff’s parents, because I always have such a hard time trying to decide on what to get them.   I got a ceramic bread basket thing that you warm up in the oven and it keeps your bread warm on the table.  Pretty neat, huh?  I’m psyched and hope they like it as much as I do.  I think its pretty too.  And this weekend is the Island Art League’s WinterFest, so I’m out there to see if I can find any other presents.  Good lord- Cheesepuff needs a present and I have NO FREAKIN’ IDEA what to get him.  Any ideas, internet?
In other news I heard from the recuriter last week, who got the ball rolling on the job in my hometown.  And she called last night to tell me that they want a face to face interview.  I’m totally freaking out.  I told them the dates I would be home for the holidays and available to interview.  When I talked to my mom, she suggested letting them know I would be willing to fly up for the day (next week) if they would pay for it.  She also sent me more info on their offer, which provided me with questions so I asked, her she let me know that she had told them about my offer and would try to find out the answers to my questions. (Aside: I looked up flight prices for next week: $500 roundtrip! How awesome would it be to have someone pay $500 to  fly me up for an interview?) Still, totally freaking out.  Its happening a little faster than I thought it would and I am having a hard time processing it all.  I think its freaking Cheesepuff out too- when I talked to him about it last night, it went like this:

CP: Its great to get the interview, even if you don’t end up going. 

ME: I’m going on the interview, period.  Besides, why wouldn’t I go on the interview?

CP: (long pause) Hopefully soon.  [I’m going to leap here and take this as a sign that this means CP is ACTUALLY planning to propose soon, but he wants to be all romantic and surprise-y about it, so he doesn’t want to come out and say this.]

ME: It wouldn’t be then end of the world if I took this job.  Especially with the sign on bonus and relocation bonus they are offering.  And I might not have much of a choice. 1- My last 2 paychecks have bounced.  B-O-U-N-C-E-D. 2- I haven’t been happy here for a while and I need a change. 

CP: I know. 

ME: This isn’t directed as a threat to you in order for me to get what I want.  That’s not why I did this. 

CP: Thank you for telling me that. 

And guess what else internet? Last week, before my paycheck bounced the 2nd time, my boss asked us all to work a Saturday this month- and take a day off during the week.  So I’m taking my day this week and working this coming Saturday.  I’m off Thursday and on my fun and fabulous day off during the week I’m going to go to the dentist for a filling.  My first one. Ever.  I’m also going to go to the gym in the morning to take a class called booty camp.  Then I’ll go to the dentist.  And come home.  Or do some Christmas shopping. 
So that’s all the news for now. 

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