Corazon de Swiss

December 5, 2006

Holy update, batman!

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Yesterday, I told you that I offered to fly up for the interview if the hospital would pay for it.  And I told you that I looked up flights and they were $500 or more.  Today, about 3:00, someone from human resources called and asked me if I could do it next Friday.  I almost fell out of my chair.  Seriously! They really want to fly up there for an interview.  SERIOUSLY!!!!!  I’ll be honest internet, I NEVER thought that they would actually do it.  Haha, joke’s on me, cause they are.  I submitted a time off request to my boss, as she was off today. 
Originally they wanted me to fly out at 6 AM and return at midnight on the same day, but I talked them into working it out a little better for me.  I’m flying out at 5 on Thursday and will be back at 6:40 on Friday night.  So I’ll get short overnight with my family on Thursday night.  They even offered to rent me a car.  And as always, it’s impossible to get to my hometown without flying through Atlanta!  At least it will be an overnight trip so I can carry on my bag and not risk them losing it.  I have NEVER flown through Atlanta without arriving minus a bag at some point.  
I thought I was freaking out before, well I’m REALLY FREAKING OUT!  This is REALLY HAPPENING!!


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