Corazon de Swiss

December 7, 2006

When it rains it pours…

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Now that I’ve got the interview scheduled, I have the possibility of a second one!  How crazy is that?  One of my high school friends (Daria) is a social worker in a nursing facility and was talking about me looking for a job, and her therapy director asker her for my number so she could call me.  I emailed her my resume and we’ll see what comes of it.  Life is so interesting. 
I have had the busiest day today even though I didn’t go to work (because I am working Saturday, boo hiss). I went to the gym at 8 AM for a class called Booty Camp (and my booty is s-o-r-e).  I noticed that the women in this class had some serious bods- maybe I should reconsider this career thing and look into becoming a housefrau. 
Booty Camp was followed by a quick shower at the gym and a quick trip to the dentist.  Where they filled my cavity in about 20 minutes.  And half my face stayed numb for about 4 hours.  Even my eye was numb.  Weird sensation.  I haven’t had novocaine in quite some time so I had forgotten about how weird it feels.  Then I went shopping- I went to Bealls and got some things for a few people- me included.  And I went to get the stuff for the baby gift for my co-workers impending grandson.  Which included stops at Toys-R-Us, Target AND Wal-Mart. 
I made it home for an afternoon nap and some laundry- the cats and I also straightened up around the apartment (okay, mostly me). We also organized some things for Christmas.  I’m headed to an art show this weekend for some more presents.  A few people have me stumped.  And I have some online ordering for a couple of others, but all told, I am making good progress. 
I’ve also picked out Christmas cards and as soon as I get a good picture of the cats to go in it (M. talked me into doing a picture card with them.  I’m a little concerned people will think I’m weird, but my mother assures me that people already think this.)  I will work on getting those out.   I’ve got to figure out how many stamps I need so I can get my Christmas stamps for mailing.   
I did get some stuff for baking and am thinking about taking it in to work tomorrow and baking hello dollies (aka seven layer cookies, magic cookie bars) while there (for my co-workers and patients). 
We’re supposed to be getting a cool front this weekend which will be good because it will help keep me in the Christmas spirit.  Which I need since I have tons to do including staining my nephews name train and putting together some other presents. 


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