Corazon de Swiss

December 20, 2006

So, what’s new?

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Oh, hi internet!  How are you?  I’m, um great!  So you want to know, huh?  About how the interview went, right?  And you want me to tell you?  Here goes.

The flights were uneventful, other than delayed in Atlanta on the way there.  So, the interview, right?  Got there at 8.  Filled out a survey.  Met with the HR person at 8:45 (finally! Do you know how hard it is to be stuck in a waiting room for 45 minutes when you are interviewing?  It’s hard!)  Met with the HR person to talk about terms and offer.  They wanted to pay less than I currently make.  She worked on it while I was speaking with the Rehab Director (who I know from my volunteering days in college), I went on a tour and a talk with the Rehab Director.  Found out more about the department.  Went back to the HR person.  She offered less money than I make again. She also explained the bonuses and then offered to match my current salary, pay off my apartment lease and the bonuses.  So I told her I’d think about it.  Made a mad dash home to change clothes, pack my stuff and get in some sweet nephew snuggles.  I should also mention that the benefits are better and cost less than the benefits of my current job.  Plus more days off!  I have to wait 3 months for them, but details.  And I’d be able to take a week off between jobs. 

So, I talked to my parents, talked to my friends, talked to CP. Thought about it.  Alot.  Sent an email to ask a couple more questions.  Talked to CP on the phone.  Avoided phone calls from the HR person and my recruiter. 
I should also mention that the Director from the place where my friend Daria works called Friday and left me a message on Friday.  Called her back on Friday on the way home. 

And finally, I made a decision.

I accepted the job.  I’m moving home.  I’ll give notice at my current job next Wednesday when I get back from my Christmas break.  My last day at my job will be Jan. 26th and I’ll start my new job Feb. 5th.  The lady from Daria’s building called today, but I had already accepted the hospital offer.  So, I’m going to look into working at Daria’s building a Saturday or two a month.  We’ll see. 

And you’ll need an update on Ringwatch 2006- no, I did not get one for Christmas.  I did however get the new watch I asked for, and a digital picture frame.  Which I had looked at, but wouldn’t buy myself, because it was a too expensive “me” present.  In other words a perfect present from CP, except that it wasn’t a ring.  Ringwatch 2007 will begin a few days….


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