Corazon de Swiss

December 28, 2006

Christmas, unwrapped

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Hi internet!  I bet you were beginning to think I had fallen off the planet.  I did not- just went to PC.  Which can be like falling off the planet, especially when there is a holiday is involved. Since I’ve been back, I’ve been working on the move- thus far I have booked the rental truck and the movers.  I’ve resigned my current job.  I need to call the gal in Central Supply and start getting the boxes.  And I need to buy tape.  Lots of tape.  My plan is to begin this weekend by taking down the Christmas decorations and boxing them up.  Then I’m going to begin by going through and throwing away/giving away what can be given/thrown away.  And I am so so so tired just thinking about it all!

So, on to the unwrapping of Christmas gifts- from my family a diamond circle necklace, a new flat panel tv with dvd, orange and blue jewelry, iFlop for my iPod, a purse knitted by my grandmother a sister saying from my sister of course! .  From CP’s parents a necklace and bracelet, from M- a friendship bracelet.  Good stuff my friends, good stuff! 

I’ve been looking at real estate websites in PC for houses until my eyes water.  Ugh.  That is going to be not so much fun.  Fortunately, its a buyers market right now, and there are lots of things on the market so I can afford to take my time and look for exactly what I want.  (Although I think I have champagne taste on a beer budget) 

Goodnight internet- I’m off to catch some zzzz’z


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