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January 4, 2007

Happy 2007!

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Happy New Year, internet!  I know I have been lax about posting thus far this year.  With the start of 2007, I can now officially begin Ringwatch 2007 (AKA Swiss awaiting CP giving her the damn ring already). 

I’ve been busy since my last post- I undecorated my apartment, boxed up all the Christmas decorations and started boxing up things I can live without for now, and while I am staying at my parents.  So far I have 2 boxes of things to donate (and I’m not done yet).  I also have 2 boxes of candles and various holders (which leads me to believe I may have too many of them) as well as my barware.  Which I may regret later.  Or I can just drink out of plastic cups.  At the rate things are going, I may need some alcohol to make it through this move. 

However, I am taking this weekend off to go and visit CP.  And also, apparently his mother (who will be staying with him on Friday night on her way to see her mother.)  Why she has to stay the night at his place, I don’t know (its only about an hour from his parents’ to his place, so its not like she’s making this giant head start on the 3-4 hour trip, but I digress).  I also don’t why he thinks he needs to sleep on the couch instead of in his bed with me.  There are several reasons why I feel this way- 1) Its no one else’s business what does or does not go on behind closed doors.  2)Its HIS apartment.  HE pays the rent.  I didn’t like it when they decided that I couldn’t stay with him at his apartment during his graduation weekend and insisted I stay in a hotel room (what would his grandmothers think?) But I did it because they paid the bills and I wanted to respect their wishes.  3) In their home I have been respectful and we have slept in separate beds and will continue to do so as long as we are unmarried and those are the rules in their home. 

Seriously though internet, enough is enough.  I mean, hell he stayed in a hotel room with me, my mom, and my sister and we shared a bed there.  We shared a hotel room at my cousin’s weddding (with 1 king size bed) and my parents knew.  Surely, by now his parents MUST KNOW we’ve slept in the same bed.  And we’re freakin’ adults!! The presence of his mother this weekend, even just for Friday means that I am very sure that there is no possibility of a ring. 

In other busy things I’ve been doing- I’ve finished (I think) loading my CD collection onto my computer for my iPod for what is NOW the 3rd time.  I messed up the 2nd time around. Hopefully the 3rd time will be the charm.   I’ve completely restored my iPod to the factory settings and am now converting music from Windows Media Player to iTunes.  I also had to order an external hard drive twice because the first order was cancelled by the store WHO FAILED TO NOTIFY ME via email and found out when I went to pick it up at the store on Monday.  Fortunately, I was able to order it from another store and picked it up the next day. 

In the midst of all this busyness was the fun of New Years Eve which I spent in the company of Rocket Scientist, Soon to Be Dentist and Her-Eyes-Are-So-Blue!, friends of mine from college.  STBD and HEASB are twins (not identical-she’s blonde, he’s not!). It was a fun evening spent out at AMI at RS’s family house, a local bar, preceded by a sushi dinner.  Yum.  I went to bed sometime in the 2AM area and somehow managed to get up at 6:30 and go to work.  I was not actually hungover, but my body was doing a damn good impression. 

Work this week is a bit on the sucky side as one of the other OT’s had his last day.  And we’re now short staffed, but I’m not sure what my boss is planning.  I feel the worst for my other OT’s because my time there is short- so I can probably withstand it. 

Speaking of withstanding, I may not be able to withstand the neighbors suround sound.  My god, the FLOOR IS VIBRATING.  I may not even be able to withstand the evening, let alone the next 3 weeks.  Okay- I am off to watch my must-see-tv and do some packing.


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