Corazon de Swiss

January 15, 2007

My computer ate my post!

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I really did write a post last week.  I spent lots of time on the computer last Friday.  I was all excited because C1rcu1t C1ty shipped my precious laptop back to me after replacing the DVD/ROM drive that had gone bad.  And its up and running, yay!!  After I’ve spent hours putting programs back on it and updating windows and explorer and stuff like that after having to reset it (twice!) in an attempt to fix it before CC would let me ship it to them in order to have it fixed.  But again, my laptop is up! and running! YAY! 

I’ve been trying to get all organized and get stuff synchronized between my laptop and my desktop because I want to put the desktop in storage and only take my laptop to my parents house.  Space saving and all that.  Remember I am downsizing from my one bedroom apartment to one bedroom in my parents house.  And I am packing boxes.  The cats are so helpful with all this box packing.  Getting in boxes, getting out of boxes, knoking packed boxes over.  So many boxes.  What on earth posessed me to think this was such a great idea?  Oh yeah, saving money and being with my family. 

So, anyway I totally had a post basically written and then the connection to the wireless router bit the dust.  I hadn’t saved the post.  And then I was annoyed that it was gone.  And now, I have no idea what I wrote about.  I’m sure it was delightful, and if I’m lucky it will come back to me.  

It’s been a Monday today- tons of patients at work, but not so much with the patience on my part, theirs or the nurses at times.  Oh well.  Its over and I’m home now.  In my pj’s.  Contemplating changing the sheets on my bed.  And the laundry.  But I might let the laundry go at least one more day. 


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