Corazon de Swiss

January 31, 2007

I’m movin’ on…

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So, I’m all moved.  As in, all of my stuff got on a truck or in a car and made its way to my hometown.  Most of it went to storage and some of it traveled to my parents house.  The cats and I are safely ensconced in their house.  We have not unpacked everything yet.  I managed to get an upper respiratory infection and I had to go to the walk-in clinic on Sunday morning.  Then I met my dad, brother and some friends to help with unloading into the storage unit. (Monday we had to rent a second one to contain the last of my stuff and the furniture moved out of my parents house to accomodate my furniture).  I was so exhausted from all that.  Plus, my nephew came to spend the night and woke up at 3 and again at 5.  Monday, my aunt came over and we all went out to the opening of the new driver’s license office, lunch at our friends’ cafe, and shopping at Wal-Mart and Sams. 

Yesterday I went into work to get paperwork done, banking done, cell phone changed and pick up forgotten items from Target.  And no kidding, it was NOT my day.  First they asked me for proof of my positive PPD (TB test).  It’s been like 4+ years.  Who keeps that around.  And if I did, I probably couldn’t get to it anyway because I filed it in my filing cabinet.  Which is in storage.  At the bottom.  Under lots of stuff.  I couldn’t get to it if I wanted to.  My mom knows some people, so she found a way around me calling up the university where I first had a postive test reading. 
I went to the credit union.  They closed my checking account in the 3 years since I’ve moved away and come back.  I had to have $25 to open a new one.  Do I have $25 on me?  No.  Do I have the checkbook to my other account?  No.  I don’t keep my checkbook with me.  I have to go and get $25 in cash and come back to open an account at the credit union.  WHERE I USED TO HAVE A DAMN CHECKING ACCOUNT.
And I went to Target.   And bought my self a 12 pack of cokes.  You know what happened in the parking lot don’t you?  The *#&@)!$ box broke and my cokes went all over the parking lot.  Yes.  Really.  It wasn’t my day. 
Today was apparently not my day either.  I wanted to order checks online for my new checking account but couldn’t because I didn’t have the MICR #.  And for your safety, they won’t give it to you over the phone.  You have to go in and get it face to face.  This after I have to give my member number, name, last 4 of my social, password in order to get any damn information.  WTF?!!!  Ugh!  But I did get my chest x-ray (50 minutes of waiting for a 5 minute x-ray!)  And I bought myself a couple of presents when at the mall today. 
And in between I’ve been getting in lots of nephew quality time.  Yay!!  Who should be getting up from his nap, so I’m off to check on him. 


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