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February 28, 2007

Too funny!

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Two posts in one night! 

The neat thing about WordPress is I can see how many people are viewing my page (when I check it) and when I infrequently write in it. 

First, I’d like to give a shout out (I’m showing my age here) to  Girl From Florida for adding me to her blogroll.  I love to read about what’s going on in her world as a fellow girl from Florida.  She’s fresh, funny and smart.  And I can’t forget she’s got one of the cutest babies ever. 

And second- the funniest part is that I see what terms a person uses on a search engine to find me.  I frequently get “bounced paycheck” or some variation.  Or I get “why won’t he propose” or some variation.  But my favorite thus far has to be “how to keep cat from licking its sutures”  Poor person- I have no idea.  Wish I could help you.  If you find out the answers, swing back by and leave it for me in the comments.  I’d love to know!

P.S. GFF, when I figure out how to create blogroll, I’ll return the favor!!  Until then, thanks for the add!!



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It has been a sad week here in Swissland.  A neighbor of my family was murdered at his place of business on Monday.  A contractor of his came to the business early Monday morning, shot him multiple times, threw the gun down, walked to his vehicle, called 911 and drank coffee while he waited for police to arrive. 
Yesterday a family friend went flying with a friend and did not return as expected.  He was missing until this morning when he, his pilot friend and the wreckage of the plane were found.  I went to his home today after work, and spent time with his wife who is one of my all time favorite people.  She is so devastated.  I can’t even begin to imagine how awful it is for her.  She said two things that made me so very sad for her…at one point she was making some plans and said “it doesn’t matter what time I come home- I don’t have anyone to come home to.”  Then she was talking about how she had so many wonderful friends, but that she had lost her best friend and she would “never get him back”.  If that doesn’t just break your heart, I don’t know what will. 
It just reminds you how fragile life is.  How you should treasure your loved ones.  And tell them everyday that you love them.  Please keep the families of my neighbor and friend close in your thoughts and prayers- they need all they can get. 

February 20, 2007

Fat Tuesday

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I know, I wrote in my last blog that I hated that I didn’t write more often.  In my defense, I’ve been distracted.  Friday night, my nephew (sweet sweet K) stayed the night.  And my mom got up with him at 2:30 (I was so tired I didn’t hear him cry at 2:30 and my room is next to the room his crib is in- I am a pretty sound sleeper though.)  And my parents are redoing the master bathroom.  Which entails us going from two bathrooms to one.  One shower, one toilet, one sink.  Not good.  Fortunately my dad is out of town this week, so its just me and mom this week.
Exhibit A: I have to tell my dad to stay in the shower so I can go in and use the toilet.
Exhibit B: The water in the whole house is shut off from about noon to 8 or 9 that night. 
Exhibit C: I am in the bathroom when my dad knocks on the door to ask me what I am doing and how long I’m going to be.  Dad!!  It’s a bathroom! How many options are there?  And I’ll be in here as long as it takes. 
Exhibit D: Mom tells me this morning, I need to get in the shower before you.  But I have to take the dogs out first.  So I told her I’d be done when she got back in.  And I was.  She seems to forget that taking the dogs out is like a 5-10 minute ordeal. 

Over the weekend during demolition and preparation for installation my aunt and uncle were here.  We got my uncle to try parrafin wax, and it was totally hysterical.  That man is NOT right in the head.  Not right I tell you.  Saturday afternoon my mom, aunt and I saw the movie “Because I Said So”  Very funny!  There is one scene that I am glad has not (and hope will not) happen to me.  I won’t give it away because its really really funny.  Work is still going well and wearing me out- I am not settled all the way in, but I’m getting there.  I’m developing my own rhythm and my own routines, which seem to be working well for me.  However, I’ve got to get off my sorry butt and join the gym because I noticed today that my jeans are getting harder to zip (in honor of Fat Tuesday, damn it).  I should make joining the gym my Lenten comittment.  And then keep it up. 
I got some quality nephew time tonight.  My brother had something to do after work and my SIL is in school on Tuesday nights, so he called and asked me to keep him.  Sweet boy and I had dinner together, playtime on the floor.  And then he fell asleep in my arms.  So sweet.  His dad came to pick him up and then I was free.  This aunt gig is pretty good. 

February 14, 2007

Love and Hate- Valentine’s Day Edition

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Love: That my boyfriend sent me an awesome package for V-day
Hate: That I didn’t do anything for him.  ANYTHING.  I did not even buy the poor guy a card.  Seriously.

Love: He told me it was totally okay. 
Hate: Then he told me that he stood in line for 30 minutes to mail me said package.

Love: That my new job makes the week seem to go by so fast- How did it get to be Wednesday already?
Hate: That I am so far away from CP because of said job.

Love: That the cats’ litterbox is out on the porch (no stinky smell inside!)
Hate: That they haven’t figured out how to tell me they need to go out so sometimes there is a stinky smell inside.  (like this morning when one peed in the bedroom and one pooped in the family room. Dudes, what’s up with that?!)

Love: Reading blogs/writing blogs
Hate: I don’t write as often as I should.

February 9, 2007


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So, I’m undergoing hospital orientation for my new job.  It’s going VERY slowly.  They need stuff I’ve done, but the certificates for them are filed in my filing cabinet.  In my storage unit.  Which I am pretty certain is turned around backwards.  As in, I can’t get to it without some serious doing and a big favor from my dad.  So, I’ve emailed the community college where I took the courses and  see if they can email the certificates again.  Or if I can get my transcript from the state board.  Anything but ask my poor dad to get the filing cabinet.  And today I got to buy scrubs to wear.  Its like wearing pj’s to work.  And so much color!  Brown and blue, lime green and pink, purple, black.  Yay!  I’ll keep adding to my collection so I can have a selection and not wear the same old, same old.  Fun stuff. 

On to Frick and Frack… I think they are guilt tripping me over the declawing.  Seriously.  I mean, they won’t walk from the bedroom to the back door to go out for the litter box.  But they’ll walk back in.  They stay in the bedroom A LOT.  (And the dogs are eating their food.  Although its not as though it would hurt Frack to miss a few meals.) So I have to carry them to the porch when they need to go out. They go back to the doctor on Monday to have their stitches out.  I feel guilty because it seems like they are staying the bedroom whenever I am not home, even if I leave the door open.  But as soon as they know I’m home they will start exploring the house.  I hope they get settled in soon, because I feel bad. 
Anyway, TGIF, because I’m WAY over all this orientation stuff- Monday I think is my last day of all that and then Tuesday they’ll turn me loose with patients and I’ll be doing all the OT for a 400+ bed hospital.  Holy smokes, what are they thinking?!
Happy weekend everyone. I’m going to attempt to not kill my grandmother’s louse of a husband.  I’ll explain another time- don’t want to get worked up before I even spend a minute in the jerk’s presence.

February 3, 2007

Don’t send hate mail.

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I just got back from picking up Frick and Frack (not their real names) from the vet.  Where I had them declawed.  Please don’t send hate mail.  I know, self defense and all that.  However, Frick and Frack, (much as I love them, and I do) tend to be on the destructive side with those front claws.  And we just moved in with my parents, proud owners of $$$$ brand new leather furniture.  Moving in with my parents is supposed to help me save $$$$ not spend it on replacing new leather furniture.  So its either confine them to one room in the house or get declawed.  I voted for declawed.  And honestly, they don’t go outside.  Ever.  People make fun of me because I had them microchipped.  But, I lived in an apartment complex and had maintenance people in and out, so I didn’t want them to escape and me not get them back.  They do go out on the screened porch but that’s it.  That’s as outside as it gets for my dudes.  So I picked them up from the vet this morning and they were pretty unhappy.  The instructions say:
Restrict your pets’ activity while they are healing.  (Anyone ever successfully stopped a cat from going where it wanted and doing what it wanted? They told me not to let them go up and downstairs or jump when they were healing from the neutering.  Let me tell you how successful I was at that, considering they did both within a matter of minutes when I brought them home) But they are currently sleeping peacefully in my bed after a bribe of canned food (I always feed them canned food when I am sucking up to them). 
Twice daily apply peroxide to the suture line with cotton ball or gauze (This went over much better than I thought it would, surprisingly enough)
Keep your pet from licking or biting sutures (Anyone ever stopped a cat from licking things?  BTW, peroxide apparently does not taste bad to a cat- Frick continued to lick his paws post peroxide application.  Not quite the deterrent I imagined).
And my mom’s dogs have offered to nurse them back to health- they wanted to know if the cats needed any help with that canned food.  🙂

See what I mean about the licking?

See what I mean about the licking?

Poor paws

Poor paws!

recuperating in mama's bed

Recuperating in mama’s bed.

February 1, 2007

Love and Hate, Rainy Day Edition

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Love: Staying in and watching daytime tv

Hate: Rain keeping me in so I can’t go out and get some stuff done that I wanted to get done today

Love: Snuggling with the cats for an afternoon nap

Hate: Uncooperative Shih Tzus who won’t let you comb their matted hair out.

Love: Spending time with my sweet nephew

Hate: I have to go to work next Monday.

Love: Hair cut and colored for $30

Hate: Feeling like all I’ve done lately is spend money

Love: I get to buy a new wardrobe in scrubs. 

Hate: Process of trying on new clothes and spending money.

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