Corazon de Swiss

February 3, 2007

Don’t send hate mail.

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I just got back from picking up Frick and Frack (not their real names) from the vet.  Where I had them declawed.  Please don’t send hate mail.  I know, self defense and all that.  However, Frick and Frack, (much as I love them, and I do) tend to be on the destructive side with those front claws.  And we just moved in with my parents, proud owners of $$$$ brand new leather furniture.  Moving in with my parents is supposed to help me save $$$$ not spend it on replacing new leather furniture.  So its either confine them to one room in the house or get declawed.  I voted for declawed.  And honestly, they don’t go outside.  Ever.  People make fun of me because I had them microchipped.  But, I lived in an apartment complex and had maintenance people in and out, so I didn’t want them to escape and me not get them back.  They do go out on the screened porch but that’s it.  That’s as outside as it gets for my dudes.  So I picked them up from the vet this morning and they were pretty unhappy.  The instructions say:
Restrict your pets’ activity while they are healing.  (Anyone ever successfully stopped a cat from going where it wanted and doing what it wanted? They told me not to let them go up and downstairs or jump when they were healing from the neutering.  Let me tell you how successful I was at that, considering they did both within a matter of minutes when I brought them home) But they are currently sleeping peacefully in my bed after a bribe of canned food (I always feed them canned food when I am sucking up to them). 
Twice daily apply peroxide to the suture line with cotton ball or gauze (This went over much better than I thought it would, surprisingly enough)
Keep your pet from licking or biting sutures (Anyone ever stopped a cat from licking things?  BTW, peroxide apparently does not taste bad to a cat- Frick continued to lick his paws post peroxide application.  Not quite the deterrent I imagined).
And my mom’s dogs have offered to nurse them back to health- they wanted to know if the cats needed any help with that canned food.  🙂

See what I mean about the licking?

See what I mean about the licking?

Poor paws

Poor paws!

recuperating in mama's bed

Recuperating in mama’s bed.


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