Corazon de Swiss

February 9, 2007


Filed under: Frick and Frack,Workin' for a living — by corazondeswiss @ 9:56 pm

So, I’m undergoing hospital orientation for my new job.  It’s going VERY slowly.  They need stuff I’ve done, but the certificates for them are filed in my filing cabinet.  In my storage unit.  Which I am pretty certain is turned around backwards.  As in, I can’t get to it without some serious doing and a big favor from my dad.  So, I’ve emailed the community college where I took the courses and  see if they can email the certificates again.  Or if I can get my transcript from the state board.  Anything but ask my poor dad to get the filing cabinet.  And today I got to buy scrubs to wear.  Its like wearing pj’s to work.  And so much color!  Brown and blue, lime green and pink, purple, black.  Yay!  I’ll keep adding to my collection so I can have a selection and not wear the same old, same old.  Fun stuff. 

On to Frick and Frack… I think they are guilt tripping me over the declawing.  Seriously.  I mean, they won’t walk from the bedroom to the back door to go out for the litter box.  But they’ll walk back in.  They stay in the bedroom A LOT.  (And the dogs are eating their food.  Although its not as though it would hurt Frack to miss a few meals.) So I have to carry them to the porch when they need to go out. They go back to the doctor on Monday to have their stitches out.  I feel guilty because it seems like they are staying the bedroom whenever I am not home, even if I leave the door open.  But as soon as they know I’m home they will start exploring the house.  I hope they get settled in soon, because I feel bad. 
Anyway, TGIF, because I’m WAY over all this orientation stuff- Monday I think is my last day of all that and then Tuesday they’ll turn me loose with patients and I’ll be doing all the OT for a 400+ bed hospital.  Holy smokes, what are they thinking?!
Happy weekend everyone. I’m going to attempt to not kill my grandmother’s louse of a husband.  I’ll explain another time- don’t want to get worked up before I even spend a minute in the jerk’s presence.


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