Corazon de Swiss

February 20, 2007

Fat Tuesday

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I know, I wrote in my last blog that I hated that I didn’t write more often.  In my defense, I’ve been distracted.  Friday night, my nephew (sweet sweet K) stayed the night.  And my mom got up with him at 2:30 (I was so tired I didn’t hear him cry at 2:30 and my room is next to the room his crib is in- I am a pretty sound sleeper though.)  And my parents are redoing the master bathroom.  Which entails us going from two bathrooms to one.  One shower, one toilet, one sink.  Not good.  Fortunately my dad is out of town this week, so its just me and mom this week.
Exhibit A: I have to tell my dad to stay in the shower so I can go in and use the toilet.
Exhibit B: The water in the whole house is shut off from about noon to 8 or 9 that night. 
Exhibit C: I am in the bathroom when my dad knocks on the door to ask me what I am doing and how long I’m going to be.  Dad!!  It’s a bathroom! How many options are there?  And I’ll be in here as long as it takes. 
Exhibit D: Mom tells me this morning, I need to get in the shower before you.  But I have to take the dogs out first.  So I told her I’d be done when she got back in.  And I was.  She seems to forget that taking the dogs out is like a 5-10 minute ordeal. 

Over the weekend during demolition and preparation for installation my aunt and uncle were here.  We got my uncle to try parrafin wax, and it was totally hysterical.  That man is NOT right in the head.  Not right I tell you.  Saturday afternoon my mom, aunt and I saw the movie “Because I Said So”  Very funny!  There is one scene that I am glad has not (and hope will not) happen to me.  I won’t give it away because its really really funny.  Work is still going well and wearing me out- I am not settled all the way in, but I’m getting there.  I’m developing my own rhythm and my own routines, which seem to be working well for me.  However, I’ve got to get off my sorry butt and join the gym because I noticed today that my jeans are getting harder to zip (in honor of Fat Tuesday, damn it).  I should make joining the gym my Lenten comittment.  And then keep it up. 
I got some quality nephew time tonight.  My brother had something to do after work and my SIL is in school on Tuesday nights, so he called and asked me to keep him.  Sweet boy and I had dinner together, playtime on the floor.  And then he fell asleep in my arms.  So sweet.  His dad came to pick him up and then I was free.  This aunt gig is pretty good. 


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