Corazon de Swiss

February 28, 2007


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It has been a sad week here in Swissland.  A neighbor of my family was murdered at his place of business on Monday.  A contractor of his came to the business early Monday morning, shot him multiple times, threw the gun down, walked to his vehicle, called 911 and drank coffee while he waited for police to arrive. 
Yesterday a family friend went flying with a friend and did not return as expected.  He was missing until this morning when he, his pilot friend and the wreckage of the plane were found.  I went to his home today after work, and spent time with his wife who is one of my all time favorite people.  She is so devastated.  I can’t even begin to imagine how awful it is for her.  She said two things that made me so very sad for her…at one point she was making some plans and said “it doesn’t matter what time I come home- I don’t have anyone to come home to.”  Then she was talking about how she had so many wonderful friends, but that she had lost her best friend and she would “never get him back”.  If that doesn’t just break your heart, I don’t know what will. 
It just reminds you how fragile life is.  How you should treasure your loved ones.  And tell them everyday that you love them.  Please keep the families of my neighbor and friend close in your thoughts and prayers- they need all they can get. 


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