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March 28, 2007

Wacky Wednesday, with wackiness outside of the searches!

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So not only do I wackiness in the searches, I have extra wackiness in my life!  On with the searches!

1. My paycheck did not clear– I get this one frequently because of this incident.  All I can say is: Dude, I feel your pain.  And you might want to think about getting a new job!

2. Relationships tired of waiting for him– I get this one frequently too.  Probably has to do with CP and his lack of a proposal.  Again I say, honey, I feel your pain.  I wish I knew what to say/tell you/tell him/do, because if there was something I’d sure be doing it!

3. Ingredients for a Corazon– This is the first time I’ve gotten this one, and I don’t know anything about it.  I like to cook, but I don’t know how to cook a Corazon. 
It’s been slow week web wise in Swissland, so that’s all the web wackiness…on with the real life wackiness!

First- the freezer broke yesterday, so my mom called Sears (they’re not coming until tomorrow between 8AM and Noon).  This morning when we left for work, the freezer was working.  By the time my mom came home at about 10, the freezer was no longer working.  Now, neither is the refrigerator!
Then, my mom called me at work early this afternoon because the washing machine simultaneously died and flooded the laundry room.  So she had to go to the laundrymat.  Which meant I had to go after work, because I was going to do laundry at home tonight.  The only bonus of the laundrymat is you can do all your loads at once. 
I did however scald my tongue on Egg Drop Soup when we went to get Chinese while waiting on the clothes to dry, so it’ll be a couple of days before that heals.  Hopefully in time for sweet potato fries on Sunday with my sister and Dentist while I am in G’ville!
And now, as I’ve been sitting in here typing, my big boy kitty dragged fluffy pink bathrobe into my room and began making it into a bed! 
That’s all the wackiness I can stand for one day…I don’t know about all of you!


March 26, 2007

Can’t trust that day…

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I had a great weekend in my old haunt- didn’t see any of my work peeps- the schedules just didn’t mesh.  But A. and I made it safely there and back.  The baby shower was beautiful- it was held in a restuarant/cooking store.  We dined on some of their best tapas, sandwiches and ceasar salads.  And a REALLY delicious cake.  They had the best decorations and favors- candy bar wrappers with the guest of honor’s info and then the “nutrition label” was about the ingredients for a sweet baby.  How cute!!  They also had out “advice cards” that they put into an album for her.  She got lots of nice presents.  And then she had us over for dinner and feet soaking in the hot tub that night.  After we showered her we made a quick stop at one of my favorite gift stores so I could get a taggie for my nephew (went ahead and bought one for the new baby to send when he arrives.) Then we went to Bealls so I could look for red shoes to go with my red and white dress.  I found some that I liked well enough to pay $14.99 for them.    They aren’t exactly what I had in mind, but they’ll do for that price.  We made it to drinks with some of A’s old work peeps. 
Slept in on Sunday morning and cleaned up a bit around RocketScientist’s family beach house (he gave us the hook up and let us stay there!).  Then we headed out on the road to get home.  A. drove the whole way, (I offered to drive) and we made it home at about 4:30.  I was so tired and sore from the car.  My parents went out of town overnight.  So it was just me and the cats.  And the dogs.  I was outnumbered 6 to 1.  When I went to bed, I was so tired I couldn’t get comfortable…it was not easy with Flabulous (our lab mix) in the bed, and both my cats.  So I went to the couch for a bit.  Then made my way back to the bed.  But I was very restless. 
Made it into work no problem (the local schools are on Spring Break, hooray for less traffic!)  I wanted to work on the new computer system that we begin on April 10th but was busy with lots of evals.  Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have some downtime.  I need to practice…April 10th isn’t so far away!  Well, I’m off to take the dogs out and then watch Dancing with the Stars, CP and I have been watching for the last 2 seasons.  So far I haven’t been that impressed with Heather Mills or Billy Ray Cyrus- we’ll see what comes of tonight’s performances. 

March 21, 2007

Wacky Wednesday

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I’m an imitator (imitation is the sincerest form of flattery dear readers!) took the Love and Hate from Janet.  Now I’m going to start posting my thoughts on search terms a la Alyndabear‘s Sunday Google-age.  But I’m going to do it on a new day- Wednesday and title it Wacky Wednesday!  How about that? On with the search terms!
1. dating Corazon – not sure how this led someone here or why you’d choose that as your search terms- I’m only dating one boy and that’s my Cheesepuff.  Sorry boys!  Besides, is a Hispanic dating site.  Good luck!

2. What does Frick and Frack mean? I just use it as a nickname for my 2 cats.  Actually my brother called my sister and I that when we were being especially sisterly (read: annoying him).   Something to describe a pair of cats, annoying sisters…

3. Ringwatch – The term I use to describe my less than patient wait for Cheesepuff to present me with an engagement ring- ask me to marry him and begin our life together.  So far, no ring but I’ll keep watching!

4. I’m going to kill someone – I titled a post this after my paycheck bounced.  I promise no people were harmed and interestingly enough, this is probably what people most frequently use to search for me.  Its a lot scary that I’m so well remembered for that.  I am thinking that I might edit the name of the post, because it kind of freaks me out. 

5. Cheesepuff– this is the nome de plume of my beloved.  He has his own category. It is from Cheesepuff I am awaiting the above mentioned ring.

6. Pepto– Again not sure why someone looking for pepto would click on my little blog.  All I can tell you is that pepto is my medication of choice for an upset stomach, especially in the middle of the night.  When I lived alone I would drink it straight from the bottle in the fridge.  It’s not the best tasting stuff, but it usually helps and upset stomach. 

Allright kids, that’s it for today.  I’ve got laundry in the dryer and to pick up my room a bit as the housekeeper comes tomorrow and I don’t want to have to clean my room myself.  Plus I should go to bed early- I’ve got to be up early to be at the dealership to have a recall on my car repaired.  I need to be there by 7:15 because the first courtesy shuttle leaves at 7:30.  And I have to be at work with Chocolate trifle in tow by 8 AM.  (Birthday potluck for all the rehab team members who have a birthday this month).  And tomorrow night packing for my weekend away….oh why am I still typing?!!

March 18, 2007

Good day, Sunshine…

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I know, I posted 3 days in a row and then nothing!  What was I thinking?  Well, it was a busy week with all the writing and the updating.  Wednesday I did some shopping after work- getting a shower gift for my friend’s baby shower next week and bought my nephew an “I love my aunt” bib.  I’ve been looking for him one since before he was born- and have only found pink and girly ones.  I don’t know why they think only girls have aunts and love them.  K loves his aunts- probably because we spoil him rotten.  And when I got home from there I had to fill out my NCAA basketball bracket for CP’s office pool (the guys decided I can enter this year, even though I took their money in last year’s pool)  So far I’m not doing great, but CP’s in first place.
Thursday I went to “I Can’t Stop Loving You” a Ray Charles musical revue (with dancing) with a friend.  We had dinner at Olive Garden before the show (I had Shrimp Primavera) and got in late.  I woke up at about 2:30 when I thought I might see my supper again.  Not good.  So I went to the kitchen and took some good ol’ Pepto Bismol before heading back to bed.  I wasn’t sure I was going to be at work on Friday.
Since I started my new job, I really haven’t had a lot of slow days- even the previous Friday when CP was on his way to visit, so it took me by surprise when this Friday was soooooooo ssssllllloooooowwwwww.  I have been doing at least 3 new patient evaluations a day since I started and on the previous 2 Fridays did 7-8.  So I did have some patients to see, but this was a weird week- I spent a lot of it chasing my tail, going to see patients and having nursing holds or discontinuing therapy due to surgery or people refusing to see me.  This Friday I only saw 1 new patient.  And tried to see several others but was unable to for reasons listed above.  So I was really, really ready to get home. 
When I got home Friday afternoon I was greeted by an unpleasant surprise- one of the cats had sprayed a basket of clean laundry.  By sprayed, I mean he urinated on it.  I don’t know which “he” did it.  So both we banished to the porch for the day.  I don’t know why one of them would do it- I’m frustrated.  I’ve read up on “inappropriate elimination in cats” which says that it is often hormonal (I had the cats neutered at 6 months), or behavioral- related to moving or new people or new animals (check, check check, and check check check check).  I would be more understanding if this had happened early in our move- but its been almost 2 months (how did that happen?!), so really we should have gotten over the hurdle by now.  Even worse, the offender repeated on Saturday morning, and I still didn’t catch him at his tricks. I don’t know what to do- I’ve been trying to give them some extra attention this weekend, and am considering taking them to the vet- Frick has previously had a stress induced UTI- maybe he is having another one. 
Saturday my parents and I took my nephew to my dad’s family reunion where he was of course showered with attention and was an absolute doll- he is such a good baby.  I hope my babies are as good as K is. (No, I’m not having any anytime soon.)  And of course one of my aunts made a comment about me “having it all taken care of” in reference to CP and getting married. To which my mom has to reply “he’s kicking and screaming the whole way”.  I really hate it when she does that. 
So far today, I have been catching up on my reading, and time in pajamas- resting up since I will be on the road the next 2 weekends- first a trip to South Florida for the baby shower, then a trip to G’ville my most favorite place to go to a concert with my sister.  And the week after that is Easter.  How crazy is that?!  Where on earth does the time go?  
I also have to start thinking about an anniversary present for CP.  Our anniversary is coming up on April 3rd- 4 years.  I have no idea what to get him, since I just used up the few ideas I had on his birthday.  Fortunately this is the last gift occasion for CP until Christmas, so I don’t have to stress about gifts for him much.   
So I need to get done here and finish up the organization project I started earlier and go out with the dogs and enjoy the somewhat cold Florida sunshine.

March 14, 2007

Weekend Update with Swiss and CP- Sunday Edition

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Woke up around 8ish due to Spring Ahead.  HATE Spring Ahead (for the record CP really hates it this year since it fell on his birthday and he was cheated out of an hour of his birthday).  My mom made waffles for breakfast (aside: she only cooks like that when we have guests. Don’t get too jealous).  Then we showered and went to church. 
And during the sharing of the peace, someone from John’s church in his hometown, walked up.  John’s family belongs to a small church, but his hometown is a major city, so the chances that someone here would be from his church are well, slim to none.  Especially after he told us that this woman and her daughter have no car, the daughter is around our age, but was homeschooled and has pretty much no marketable skills (Aside, the daughter had some weird hairdo that involved a bun on top of her head AND a braid down her back.  What’s up with that?).   During the rest of the service I could feel them staring at us.  Anyway, CP talked to them after church and then we went to pick up his birthday cake and got some groceries.  We finished at the store and went to restaurant in the same shopping center and as we’re walking across the parking lot we hear “CP!” and its this girl from the church.  Whoever had given them a ride to church also gave them a ride to the grocery store.  How random! So now, due to CP my mom and I have acquired church stalkers.  My dad says he’s not going to sit with us anymore so they won’t stalk him. (He was totally kidding.  I think.)
CP and I settled into watch “Flags of Our Fathers”  which my mom and I had attempted to watch during the first week I was home, but were both so tired we fell asleep.  It had some hard to follow parts, but it was a good movie overall.  Very sad.  It makes you think about how different things are today- especially with the recent press about VA hospital care- it is much better than it was after WWII!  I don’t want to say too much, because I don’t want to give away the movie. 
We went for a walk around the neighborhood before the family dinner and I got to tell CP about the houses and the families that live(d) in them.  Our house is one of the original 4-6 houses that were built out here and I am constantly amazed at how many neighbors we have now! 
We had a fun family dinner followed by cake, ice cream and presents.  CP got all the things he asked for: a wireless mouse for his new computer, a CD player for his desk at work, a wallet and a new shirt.  He said they were all just right.  He was a good sport about the cake tradition of smearing the icing of your name and wearing it on your nose during the eating of your piece of cake (you can’t talk while eating your cake).  Thanks to my friend M for that tradition.  And I took his picture.  Which I’ll post eventually.  As soon as I get around to it. 
We went back to the hot tub Sunday night and then snuggled in for a make out session (again locking the door- lessons learned!) 
Monday morning I dragged out of bed early so I’d have time to eat breakfast with CP before I went to work.  He walked me out to the car and had me laughing as I pulled away (instead of crying).  So I’ve begun my work week and am over the hump now. 

March 13, 2007

Weekend Update with Swiss and CP- Saturday Edition

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Tried to sleep in after getting caught making out by my mom.  (Aside: actually getting caught, not nearly so thrilling as the possibility of getting caught.  Just for future reference).  Not so much on the sleeping in as my sister walks in at 6:30 with our soaking wet nephew.  Soaking wet because he had saturated his diaper.  And his sleeper.  So I wiped him down, changed his diaper and let him play in just the diaper.  Of course, CP who doesn’t know how to sleep in, is already up and reading- in his defense, he is functioning on a time zone which is an hour ahead.    So I can’t just take the baby and go back to bed (which is totatlly what I would have done otherwise).  And my mom, being the good mom she is, made us sausage gravy and biscuits.  Yum.  K had his breakfast and needed a bath to clean the food off.  CP and I spent some time playing with K before my brother and SIL came to pick him up. 
CP and I got showers and read the paper while trying to decide what to do with the afternoon since we had dinner reservations.  We settled on lunch out at a friend’s new cafe’ and a movie (if we made it).  Lunch was good and we actually finished in time to try for the movie.  Until we got there and the line was wrapped around the building.  We decided to go home (esp. since we knew we’d be alone) but still locked the door (just to be safe).  We watched a little tv before we started getting ready to go out to dinner.  Which is a little more fun when you’re not getting ready in the same bathroom, adds to the anticipation.  (Isn’t anticipation the best part of anything?  I think so.)  Got all dressed up in my new dress and heels (CP loves when I wear dresses and heels). 
Arrived on time for our dinner reservation and were seated at a sweet little table for two.  The waiter asks is we are celebrating anything special and CP answers no (we were out for his birthday). The waiter explains the entrees come with a house salad but we can upgrade to a caesar or another salad.  We ask for more time to decide on the wine, ordering a glass each (me Riesling, CP Pinot Grigio) and I asked for the she-crab soup to start.  CP orders “the caesar salad” (although I hear “the same”)  The waiter brings the wine and then two soup spoons.  Apparently CP thought when I ordered the soup, that I was upgrading my salad.  (I wasn’t).  So they bring out the she-crab soup for each of us.  We order our entrees. I had the grouper, and CP had the salmon.  Apparently the waiter heard “the same”, again. So they bring out the entrees and CP says “this salmon is really opaque”  Because it wasn’t salmon, it was the grouper. We just laughed and I told him that it was going to make SUCH a good story! (Thinking in the back of my mind, “wait till the interweb hears this!”)  We ordered dessert- I had the White Chocolate Creme Brulee (OMG- SO good!!!) and CP had the Key Lime Pie.  CP said after we ordered that if he got the Creme Brulee, he was going to let the waiter in on the joke.  All in all it was a lovely dinner and the perfect way to start off CP’s birthday (which wasn’t until Sunday).   
I’ll wrap up the weekend update tomorrow…

March 12, 2007

Weekend Update with Swiss and CP- Friday edition.

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*Note to Alyndabear, this is going to be multiple entries.  Hope that whets your appetite!  🙂

I get messages all day from CP about his progress.  I left work at 4:30 and he’s about two hours away.  Not a problem, just sooner than I expected him.  Again, not a problem, just had some things I wanted to do before he got there.  Of course, living at home means that doesn’t matter because my mother has her own agenda.  And I arrive home to find her cleaning the porch (Aside: the porch has been a disaster area since before I moved home.  Now that CP’s arrival is imminent she’s out there mopping the porch and moving plants, etc.  Ugh!)  Then we must set up the air mattress in my former room (now the sewing room and K’s room).  So we get it all set up and I have to go back to the porch to finish cleaning the litter boxes and setting them up.  Which is what I am doing when CP arrives.  Not exactly the greeting I had in mind.  (“Hi honey, I haven’t seen you in 2 months, I’m up to my wrists in cat litter.” Also, during all this porch cleaning my mother tells me that Frick and Frack are whores because they use her cat’s litterbox too. Dude, I don’t know what the hell is wrong with my cats?)  After we get the porch stuff done everyone decides that we’ll order dinner from a pub.  And send me and CP out to pick it up.  (Poor CP, has to get back in a car after he’s spent 7 hours getting to me)  We go out an get dinner, come back and eat.  During which my brother and sister in law arrive with K who is spending the night.  Poor CP- the first time he met my family my brother was dating a girl who had twin datughters who were about 14 months old the first time he came for a weekend and they stayed the night.  Fortunately for him, we have a pack and play and he was not forced to sleep in the room with K.  And contrary to previously held beliefs, CP the only child was very good with the baby.  I was so impressed.  I could just picture him with our little babies someday. 
But my dad went into the room to get something for K and Frick and Frack had peed on the air mattress.  I don’t know exactly why, but I have theories.  I think Frick has a thing about being the alpha kitty.  Unfortuantely for him, this move did nothing to put him on alpha kitty status as I banished him and Frack to the porch while I cleaned up and told them how mad I was. 
Sometime after dinner, CP and I got in the hot tub.  Nothing like kisses and snuggles with your best guy in the hot tub.  Seriously.  And watched a little tv before going to bed.  CP and I made arrangements for him to sneak into my room after everyone else went to bed.  (Did I mention my sister is home from college on Spring Break?)   So, he sneaks in to my room and we are in the midst of a makeout session when the door opens and my mom is standing there asking “Did you get CP a blanket?” And I say “No…”  She turns and says “There’s one on the dryer” and leaves.  I busted out laughing after she left and not long after that CP went back to his room because the mood was, well dead. 

March 7, 2007

Hump Day

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Hello good people of the internet.  I would apologize for not posting, but seriously y’all, I am just never going to a daily post-er.  Work has been busy, esp. on Friday- I did 8 evaluations.  That’s 40 units billed out.  To be considered productive I have to bill 24 units.  So I’ve been slacking a little bit.  Not much to report about the weekend, had a pedicure with my mom.  And my toes are so happy with me.  Sunday was the funeral for our family friend who was killed in the plane crash last week.  The service was very nice and the pastor did better than I expected (Having been to my both my dad’s parents funerals in the last couple years I did not particularly enjoy the pastor’s message, so I was pleasantly surprised at this one).  My friend had called to ask me to read something she had written about her husband, but when I got there, just asked me to go with her as she read.  At the beginning of the service I didn’t think she was going to be able to make it at all.  She surprised me though and made it through her whole speech. 
Work has been okay this week, a little slow today- some days aren’t your day in the therapy world.  You can go weeks with no refusals…and then you’ll have a day when every other patient refuses, or the nurse says not today, or you look at patient and say no way s/he can do this today.  It was that kind of day for me today.  This week has been a weird week.  Monday I received an order from a physician about some compression garments, and I called my boss who told me we don’t do those.  Don’t measure for them, don’t give them out.  So I left a note for the MD.  One of the PTs asked me about it, and I explained I was told that we didn’t do that and I had spoken to our boss and left the MD a note.   The next day, he said he talked to the MD again and just went on and on about how they didn’t understand why we didn’t do this.  The MD even sent a nurse down to get the stuff.  Okay, I get it, you want it done.  I’d do it, except that my boss said NO.  End of story.  Move on people.  Did I have the supplies to do it? Yes.  But I was directly instructed NOT to do this by my boss.  What’s so hard to understand?  
Engaged in retail therapy last night- bought a couple of dresses one to wear to dinner this weekend with CP who is coming to visit.  YAY!!  I haven’t seen him in almost 2 months and I am really missing him.  And its his birthday.  With which he has been no help on gift ideas.  As usual.  He says he’s easy to shop for.  Total fabrication.  I did buy him a couple of things, but nothing I’m terribly excited about.  He has a few things he needs, but nothing he seems really excited about getting either. 
Just so you know, there’s not just a double standard in my parent’s house- there’s a triple standard.  CP and I will be sleeping in separate rooms even though BOTH my younger brother AND sister have had significant others spend the night in their rooms.  WTF?! 

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