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March 7, 2007

Hump Day

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Hello good people of the internet.  I would apologize for not posting, but seriously y’all, I am just never going to a daily post-er.  Work has been busy, esp. on Friday- I did 8 evaluations.  That’s 40 units billed out.  To be considered productive I have to bill 24 units.  So I’ve been slacking a little bit.  Not much to report about the weekend, had a pedicure with my mom.  And my toes are so happy with me.  Sunday was the funeral for our family friend who was killed in the plane crash last week.  The service was very nice and the pastor did better than I expected (Having been to my both my dad’s parents funerals in the last couple years I did not particularly enjoy the pastor’s message, so I was pleasantly surprised at this one).  My friend had called to ask me to read something she had written about her husband, but when I got there, just asked me to go with her as she read.  At the beginning of the service I didn’t think she was going to be able to make it at all.  She surprised me though and made it through her whole speech. 
Work has been okay this week, a little slow today- some days aren’t your day in the therapy world.  You can go weeks with no refusals…and then you’ll have a day when every other patient refuses, or the nurse says not today, or you look at patient and say no way s/he can do this today.  It was that kind of day for me today.  This week has been a weird week.  Monday I received an order from a physician about some compression garments, and I called my boss who told me we don’t do those.  Don’t measure for them, don’t give them out.  So I left a note for the MD.  One of the PTs asked me about it, and I explained I was told that we didn’t do that and I had spoken to our boss and left the MD a note.   The next day, he said he talked to the MD again and just went on and on about how they didn’t understand why we didn’t do this.  The MD even sent a nurse down to get the stuff.  Okay, I get it, you want it done.  I’d do it, except that my boss said NO.  End of story.  Move on people.  Did I have the supplies to do it? Yes.  But I was directly instructed NOT to do this by my boss.  What’s so hard to understand?  
Engaged in retail therapy last night- bought a couple of dresses one to wear to dinner this weekend with CP who is coming to visit.  YAY!!  I haven’t seen him in almost 2 months and I am really missing him.  And its his birthday.  With which he has been no help on gift ideas.  As usual.  He says he’s easy to shop for.  Total fabrication.  I did buy him a couple of things, but nothing I’m terribly excited about.  He has a few things he needs, but nothing he seems really excited about getting either. 
Just so you know, there’s not just a double standard in my parent’s house- there’s a triple standard.  CP and I will be sleeping in separate rooms even though BOTH my younger brother AND sister have had significant others spend the night in their rooms.  WTF?! 


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  1. Sounds like a busy week, sorry to hear about the funeral. 😦 I think you should blog more often, I’m enjoying your writing! Sadly, I don’t shut up, lol!

    How exciting that you’re seeing your CP soon! Long distance must be really hard. I just had news that my Jase is heading overseas without me later on this year, so it’s going to be really weird for me. And some sort-of news about RingWatch 07 for me, though nothing drastic.

    Completely random, but I also sleep in a separate room to Jase when I stay at his place, yet here he stays with me. Crazy parents!

    Take care chook. xo

    Comment by Alyndabear — March 10, 2007 @ 6:28 pm |Reply

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