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March 12, 2007

Weekend Update with Swiss and CP- Friday edition.

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*Note to Alyndabear, this is going to be multiple entries.  Hope that whets your appetite!  🙂

I get messages all day from CP about his progress.  I left work at 4:30 and he’s about two hours away.  Not a problem, just sooner than I expected him.  Again, not a problem, just had some things I wanted to do before he got there.  Of course, living at home means that doesn’t matter because my mother has her own agenda.  And I arrive home to find her cleaning the porch (Aside: the porch has been a disaster area since before I moved home.  Now that CP’s arrival is imminent she’s out there mopping the porch and moving plants, etc.  Ugh!)  Then we must set up the air mattress in my former room (now the sewing room and K’s room).  So we get it all set up and I have to go back to the porch to finish cleaning the litter boxes and setting them up.  Which is what I am doing when CP arrives.  Not exactly the greeting I had in mind.  (“Hi honey, I haven’t seen you in 2 months, I’m up to my wrists in cat litter.” Also, during all this porch cleaning my mother tells me that Frick and Frack are whores because they use her cat’s litterbox too. Dude, I don’t know what the hell is wrong with my cats?)  After we get the porch stuff done everyone decides that we’ll order dinner from a pub.  And send me and CP out to pick it up.  (Poor CP, has to get back in a car after he’s spent 7 hours getting to me)  We go out an get dinner, come back and eat.  During which my brother and sister in law arrive with K who is spending the night.  Poor CP- the first time he met my family my brother was dating a girl who had twin datughters who were about 14 months old the first time he came for a weekend and they stayed the night.  Fortunately for him, we have a pack and play and he was not forced to sleep in the room with K.  And contrary to previously held beliefs, CP the only child was very good with the baby.  I was so impressed.  I could just picture him with our little babies someday. 
But my dad went into the room to get something for K and Frick and Frack had peed on the air mattress.  I don’t know exactly why, but I have theories.  I think Frick has a thing about being the alpha kitty.  Unfortuantely for him, this move did nothing to put him on alpha kitty status as I banished him and Frack to the porch while I cleaned up and told them how mad I was. 
Sometime after dinner, CP and I got in the hot tub.  Nothing like kisses and snuggles with your best guy in the hot tub.  Seriously.  And watched a little tv before going to bed.  CP and I made arrangements for him to sneak into my room after everyone else went to bed.  (Did I mention my sister is home from college on Spring Break?)   So, he sneaks in to my room and we are in the midst of a makeout session when the door opens and my mom is standing there asking “Did you get CP a blanket?” And I say “No…”  She turns and says “There’s one on the dryer” and leaves.  I busted out laughing after she left and not long after that CP went back to his room because the mood was, well dead. 


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  1. Okay, so the kitty litter greeting wasn’t super fabulous but who cares? He’s your BOY! And he is THERE! With YOU! Too many CAPITALS! But who CARES? *frolics*

    I’m giggling at your mum walking in — been there, done that. Hope you have a fantastic time, dear. 😀

    Comment by Alyndabear — March 13, 2007 @ 2:14 pm |Reply

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