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March 13, 2007

Weekend Update with Swiss and CP- Saturday Edition

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Tried to sleep in after getting caught making out by my mom.  (Aside: actually getting caught, not nearly so thrilling as the possibility of getting caught.  Just for future reference).  Not so much on the sleeping in as my sister walks in at 6:30 with our soaking wet nephew.  Soaking wet because he had saturated his diaper.  And his sleeper.  So I wiped him down, changed his diaper and let him play in just the diaper.  Of course, CP who doesn’t know how to sleep in, is already up and reading- in his defense, he is functioning on a time zone which is an hour ahead.    So I can’t just take the baby and go back to bed (which is totatlly what I would have done otherwise).  And my mom, being the good mom she is, made us sausage gravy and biscuits.  Yum.  K had his breakfast and needed a bath to clean the food off.  CP and I spent some time playing with K before my brother and SIL came to pick him up. 
CP and I got showers and read the paper while trying to decide what to do with the afternoon since we had dinner reservations.  We settled on lunch out at a friend’s new cafe’ and a movie (if we made it).  Lunch was good and we actually finished in time to try for the movie.  Until we got there and the line was wrapped around the building.  We decided to go home (esp. since we knew we’d be alone) but still locked the door (just to be safe).  We watched a little tv before we started getting ready to go out to dinner.  Which is a little more fun when you’re not getting ready in the same bathroom, adds to the anticipation.  (Isn’t anticipation the best part of anything?  I think so.)  Got all dressed up in my new dress and heels (CP loves when I wear dresses and heels). 
Arrived on time for our dinner reservation and were seated at a sweet little table for two.  The waiter asks is we are celebrating anything special and CP answers no (we were out for his birthday). The waiter explains the entrees come with a house salad but we can upgrade to a caesar or another salad.  We ask for more time to decide on the wine, ordering a glass each (me Riesling, CP Pinot Grigio) and I asked for the she-crab soup to start.  CP orders “the caesar salad” (although I hear “the same”)  The waiter brings the wine and then two soup spoons.  Apparently CP thought when I ordered the soup, that I was upgrading my salad.  (I wasn’t).  So they bring out the she-crab soup for each of us.  We order our entrees. I had the grouper, and CP had the salmon.  Apparently the waiter heard “the same”, again. So they bring out the entrees and CP says “this salmon is really opaque”  Because it wasn’t salmon, it was the grouper. We just laughed and I told him that it was going to make SUCH a good story! (Thinking in the back of my mind, “wait till the interweb hears this!”)  We ordered dessert- I had the White Chocolate Creme Brulee (OMG- SO good!!!) and CP had the Key Lime Pie.  CP said after we ordered that if he got the Creme Brulee, he was going to let the waiter in on the joke.  All in all it was a lovely dinner and the perfect way to start off CP’s birthday (which wasn’t until Sunday).   
I’ll wrap up the weekend update tomorrow…


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  1. I always love getting dressed up and heading out for dinners out.. Don’t get to do it enough !!

    Comment by Alyndabear — March 14, 2007 @ 1:36 am |Reply

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