Corazon de Swiss

April 30, 2007


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CP and I went to Jax this weekend for a get away.  We stayed at the Hyatt Regency Riverfront.  (CP paid for the hotel bill and to valet my car both days)- it was my anniversary present. 
Pillowtop mattress, down pillows, view of the city…
I did start out the weekend by getting loast and missing my exit for the hotel.  But eventually made it there.
Saturday morning we had breakfast in the hotel restaurant (fantastic breakfast buffet) and went to the room to decide what to do with our day.  We decided on the zoo, which was interesting because we both noticed that there seemed to be a disproportionate number of bratty children (and their bratty parents) at the zoo.  I made CP promise me that we would not be having any bratty children.  He said no, and if they were it would be due to the Corazon genes.  That earned him the stink eye.  We’ve been to several theme parks and have not seen that many bratty children in one place.
And fortunately we put on sunscreen before we went into the zoo since I recently was burned when at a concert with my sister.  We were there longer than I anticipated, but had a good time.  I’m impressed because CP even asked me to give him some headache medication to put in his pocket because I will (typically) suffer a headache when we go out like that.  He even smiled at me and said “I’m figuring out how you work.” 🙂  
We went to the room for a while to rest.  Headed back out to the Landing for dinner which was quite tasty.  Walked there a while, and made our way back to the room.  We toyed with the idea of renting a movie from the hotel, but ended up watching “The School of Rock”, it was one of those movies that’s so bad its good.  CP told me he had more fun watching me watch the movie than he did watching the movie. 
We slept in on Sunday and had lunch at another restaurant on the Landing before we headed to the Museum of Science and History.  (My sister tells me we are nerds because we did that- I like to remind her that we’re not 21 anymore and baking in the sun, shopping and clubbing isn’t our scene.) Whatever.  We liked it.  We parted ways after the museum and headed for our respective places.  The city was covered in a haze and smelled of smoke from a wildfire that has been burning in south Georgia for 2 weeks.  It finally cleared when I got about 50 miles west of Jax. 
All in all a good weekend, just too short (as they all are!) And still no ring…


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  1. Sounds like an awesome weekend… what a present 🙂

    Comment by Alyndabear — May 2, 2007 @ 1:59 am |Reply

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