Corazon de Swiss

May 7, 2007

100 Things About Me

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1. Swiss is a nickname given to me by a friend who doesn’t like brie cheese.  That’s the nickname my other friends call me because Brie is the first syllable of my name.
2. If I had been a boy, my name would have been Troy Alan.  I’m glad I wasn’t a boy. 
3.  My mother chose our names by imagining them being announced at our graduations.  Since she told me that, I’ve heard lots of names at graduations that no one imagined being called.
4. My father wanted to name me Jennifer originally.  Instead I was named Brie after an actress on TV. I’m glad glad Jennifer was taken off the table, most of the Jennifers I know have been annoying. 
5. I have the same middle name as my mother.
6. I have spent my entire life attempting to teach people how to pronounce my name.  I have cousins who were there when I was born who still don’t pronounce my name correctly.
7. I put up with being called the wrong name until I was a junior in high school.  Then I corrected all my friends, my teachers and earned the nickname “I.B. Brie” for the name change at our I.B. graduation senior year.
8. In high school and college all of my friends shortened my name to “Brie” in order to avoid that treachous, difficult to pronounce syllable. 
9. No one in my family calls me by my nickname.  I answer to it- my best friends use it, my boyfriend uses it.  Sometimes it takes me a little longer because I don’t think of myself that way. 
10. I was born May 24, 1979, 18 days after one of my cousins.
11. I was born a member of the 5th generation of my family to live in Florida.
12. One of my ancestors voted in the first state elections when Florida became a state.
13. In 1988 and 2001 two of my cousins were also born on May 24. 
14. My brother “Ramrod” was born when I was 3 years old.  I was very excited.  The excitement wore off before he was a year old. 
15. I love him, but he can be the most exasperating person at times.
16. My sister was born when I was 8 years old and is named after our maternal grandmother (who died in a car accident when our mother was a little girl).
17. Because of our age difference, my sister and I haven’t always been close, but as we are getting older, we are getting closer.
18. Since I was a sophomore in high school I have known what I wanted to be when I grew up- an occupational therapist.
19. When I took a job in south Florida, I moved into an apartment complex approximately 2 miles from the house we lived in 20 years before.
20. I have lived in Florida my entire life, with the exception of the 2 years I was in graduate school in Alabama.
21. I am left handed. So left handed that my mother calls me “right hand retarded”
22. According to family lore, there was never any question about my handedness. I was left handed practically from birth.
23. I lived rent-free for my entire graduate school career. I lived with my mother’s parents during my coursework and in my father’s parents home when I was an intern. (A couple of my classmates were my roommates during that time.) This is considered by some to be a greater accomplishment than my master’s degree. 
24. I am messy. Messy in a way that would best be described as “slob”
25. Even though I am messy, I am a compulsive organizer. 
26. I inherited “project ADD from my mother. I start one project, which leads to another before I have finished the first.
27. I hate to clean. HATE it!!!
28. One would think that since I hate to clean, I would attempt to keep my room reasonably clean so that I would have to do as little of it as possible.  I don’t.
29. It is my dream to someday pay someone else to clean my home.
30. I really enjoy cooking. When I lived alone, I found it very hard to cook for just one person.  Every recipe in my family feeds about 10 people.  With leftovers.
31. Even though I enjoy cooking, I have argued with my boyfriend our entire relationship about who will do the cooking when we get married.  I firmly believe that as long as we are both maintaining full-time jobs that we should share the cooking duties.  I will probably have to argue this for a very long time. 
32. I think he is a better cook than I am.
33. Early on in our relationship, I agreed to do all the ironing in order to avoid mowing the lawn.
34. But if he wanted to hire a lawn service, I would be okay with it.  And I would probably still do all the ironing.
35. I also don’t want to do all the laundry by myself. I’m not a big fan of laundry, but I seem to do a lot of it.  I can’t figure it out.
36. I love baskets.  I have them all over. I keep my make up in one, mail and miscellaneous in one, lotion/nail stuff in one, books/magazines in one, hair stuff in one, cat toys in one, charger cords in one…
37. I am a weird hybrid of my parents- my dad is a hoarder and my mom is a purger. I hoard and then purge on a regular basis.
38. I was 7 years old when I was baptized and I remember my baptism.  This is unusual in the Lutheran Church. Most people are baptized as babies.
39. My siblings were baptized at the same time.
40. Even though I was born in south Florida, I consider the town I live in North Florida to be my hometown. I went to  school- 4th-12th grades there. 
41. Sometimes people think the name of my hometown means I am from Panama. 
42. I don’t know why- I have a little bit of a Southern accent.  It gets more pronouncesd when I spend time around other people who have a Southern accent.
43. I was in band in high school.  All four years.  I was the Librarian my senior year and a bus captain.
44. I was also in the International Baccalaureate program.  I did not get the I.B. diploma.
45. In other words, I am a BIG HUGE NERD. (Don’t tell CP I confessed to that.)
46. I did however get several college credits and had 19 hours of coursework when I started at the University of Florida.
47. My dad tried to convince me to stay home and go to community college. He tried to tell me I would be homesick.  I cried because I wanted to go away to school so badly.
48. My mom told him I was going even if she had to sell her kidney to pay for it. 
49. She didn’t sell her kidney.  I got multiple scholarships that helped pay for tuition and books. 
50. To this day, I am baffled by my dad’s contention that I would be too homesick. I went without my parents to Washington, D.C. (4th grade), Orlando (5th grade), Space Camp (6th Grade), and Europe (11th grade) on school trips.
51. I did get homesick when I was first away at school, but I got over it.
52. I was accepted to FAMU and offered a full scholarship.  I didn’t apply to FAMU.
53. I joined Campus Ministry on my first Sunday in Gainesville. I met my closest friends there. We all sign the guest book that day.  I wish I had thought to make a copy of that page.
54. Two years later, the guy who would become my boygriend 4 years after that joined the same campus ministry.
55. I had the time of my life in college.
56. I’d go back to college in a heartbeat, but only if my most favorite people were also going to be there.
57. I lived in the dorm for one year. Because my dad promised I would only have to live there for one year when he saw my temporary triple dorm room.
58. I had a meal plan my first year.  I hated it. I changed it over to debit.  It took me all four years to use us all the money in the account. 
59. I lived in a different apartment every year after freshmen year.
60. I had 2 different roommates.  The first one was way better than the second.  I went to high school with both of them. 
61. Because of my long miserable experience with my second roommate I now give the advice to soon-to-be college students “Don’t live with anyone from high school.”
62. I was talking with my BF from college recently, and we decided we should have lived together- we’d have been excellent roommates.  And now it will never happen ’cause she’s married and has a baby.  Another one the way.  And I’m getting married!
63.  I lived with my grandparents in grad school.  They were the best roommates ever.  The kind who cooked and did laundry. Excellent.
64. I started wearing glasses in 5th grade.  I diagnosed my own bad vision, but it was confirmed during my gifted testing. 
65. When I was 15 my left eye had corrected to normal, but my right eye was still nearsighted so I wore only one contact lens.
66. When I was 20 my left eye began to require correction and now I wear 2 contacts.  Or glasses if my eyes are tired and I’ve been on the computer for a while. 
67. My left eye hasn’t caught up to my right eye.  And both have an astigmatism.
68. I love to read.  When I first needed glasses the eye doctor said it was probably because I my voracious reading habits. 
69. I am a fast reader.  I have been known to read a book in an afternoon if I find it particularly interesting.
70. Or stay up until 3 AM to finish one.
71. I cross-stitch, but my mom (who also cross stitches) was unable to teach me to do it.  I taught myself.
72. My mom also could not teach me to tie my shoes.  The next door neighbor did.
73. My other artistic pursuits include scrapbooking, photography, painting (badly) and sewing.
74. I took dance lessons from the time I was 4 until I was 18.  I started with ballet, added jazz and tap (which I later dropped) and progressed to ballet en pointe.  I miss it.
75. I still love to dance and I really want to learn ballroom.
76. I became an aunt in August of 2006.  I love love love love my nephew.
77. Speaking of aunts and uncles, I have 11.  (not including their spouses)
78. I have 19 20 first cousins.  (not including their spouses) And one of my uncles doesn’t have kids yet had his first baby in January.  He’s only 6 years older than me. 
79. My oldest cousin is 44.  The youngest will be 6 on our next birthday was born January 31, the day after my sister’s birthday.  We were sure he would arrive on her birthday.  No such luck. 
80. I loved growing up in a big family.  I think you miss out when you don’t get walked in on in the bathroom.
81. Or picked on for no reason other than you exist.
82. I grew up with pets.  We only didn’t have a pet for the 3 years my parents were renting while we were moving/building our house. 
83. My parents got a poodle when they were married and he died when I was 8.
84. We got a Sheltie when we moved in our house. (She died a few years ago, just before I got Frick and Frack)
85. Several cats (Patches, Ryanne, Alex, Macy (RIP Girls!)) and the AlleyCat.
86. Flabulous (Lab mix) we got when my brother was 12. She was supposed to be his dog.  He doesn’t live at home anymore, but she does. 
87. Shell-pea the standard poodle my mom waited a year to get after the Sheltie died. (And my dad didn’t talk to or about for 3 days when he came home after my mom got here.  He didn’t want another dog.  Too bad for him.)
88.  The Doohead (ShihTzu) my sister was given as a Christmas gift in 2005. Even after everyone tried to talk her out of a dog since she was going away to college this fall.  To be fair, the Doohead is supercute.
89.  My boys- Frick and Frack.  The (two!!) cats I adopted from a client of my mom when I got my first adult job, adult apartment so I wouldn’t have to be alone.  They compete with CP for the Alpha role in our lives.  What none of them will admit is that I am the Alpha person.
90. CP is not a cat person, but I love him anyway. And he says he likes the cats.  And he even said he won’t make me get rid of them.  (Like that was an option)
91. My last roommate in college had a bearded dragon for several months.  I don’t care what you say, a reptile is not a pet. I have never seen one give affection or interact the way a cat or dog does. I want no part of a reptile in my house.  I’m also not planning to have rodents or birds.  Cats or dogs only.
92. I love shoes.  Especially flip-flops and sandals.  CP can’t understand why I have so many.  He once asked me why I needed 5 (or 6 or however many it happens to be) pair of black shoes. He was sorry he asked me when I explained it to him.
93. He also thinks I am anti-sneaker.  This is not true. It just so happens that I currently own 3 pairs. Two for work and one for working out. 
94. But if I could, I’d live in jeans, t-shirts and flip-flops.
95. Scrubs (my work uniform) aren’t too bad. Almost like going to work in your pajamas.
96. I confess, I am terrible about having my hair cut and colored.  I let it grow until it begins to drive me crazy and then call my hairdresser to beg her for an appointment.
97. Is the year I graduated from high school.  GO RAMS!
98. Speaking of high school, my reunion (10 years!!) was in September 2007.  There’s some pictures around here some where.
99. For me, anticipation is the best part of gift giving and receiving.  I love the preparation for holidays and all the family time. 
100. I bleed Orange and Blue for my alma mater, the University of Florida.  It’s GREAT TO BE A FLORIDA GATOR!!

Phew! I’m finally done.  Although now that I am, I can think of a few more things to put on here.  Guess I’ll have to update periodically. 


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