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June 28, 2007

Wacky Wednesday June Edition (posted on Thursday!)

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I have a nice long Wacky Wednesday post for you today. {Note: it was so long I had to stop typing last night because I was too tired to carry on.}  And I think I will have to come up with an actual system for tracking the search terms (currently it is post it notes which I then tuck into a drawer until I am ready to write a Wacky Wednesday post).  Originally I intended to do this every week, but it is fairly time consuming so I do it on a random Wednesday a few weeks apart.  Let the wackiness begin!
1. Wacky Wednesday birthday– Goes to my last Wacky Wednesday post, which I wrote the day before my birthday.
2. My contact lens prescription– Just the other day, I wrote about my recent visit to the eye doctor.
3. Frick and Frack bibs– Frick and Frack are the pseudonyms I use here for my two cats.  They have their own category.
4. Licking stitches– I get this a lot because I posted about my inability to keep my kitties from licking their stitches after they were declawed.  Note to the interweb: I am not an authority on this subject!  I found nothing that worked. 
5. Jax, FL weekend cooking school– No idea where the cooking school thing came in- I’ve had many links about cooking school.
6. Converting music from WMP (windows media player)- I did this when I had to reload my CD’s on the computer for my iPod.  For I think what might be the 3rd time, currently.  Its a very time consuming process. 
7. Dating site in Swissland– the only dating on this site is me and Cheesepuff.  Thus far we haven’t set anyone up on a date.
8. Lean Mean Thirteen– I wrote about this last week, it is the latest Stephanie Plum book by Janet Evanovich.  One of my all time favorite series of books.  I was so excited about getting it and reading it last weekend.  I read it cover to cover in one night.
9. Download CP trainer 13– Seriously, I’ve got nothing on this one.  Nothing. 
10. Dog reports on nephew did not pick up– Seriously, I’ve also got nothing on this one either.  Nothing.
11. How to survive a triple dorm– Check over here– its #8.
There you have it.  Wacky Wednesday the June edition.  Posted on Thursday!


June 26, 2007

A report from the Eye doctor

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In the next couple of weeks I’m doing my rounds with some of my doctors.  Yesterday it was the eye doctor who pronounced me nearsighted.  For the 13th year running. However he said I was a very good contact lens wearer because he could see no signs of damage to my eyes from contacts.  Spiffy, no?  I am in trial lenses now because he tweaked the prescription to one eye with astigmatism and one without.  Saturday I go back for a check on the lenses and to order them if they work out, so far I do.  I was trying to decide about getting new glasses because I got some last summer(I didn’t have vision insurance then).  My insurance will pay for one or the other.  And I don’t want to get stuck with only contacts.  I have been thinking about new glasses because, NEW! GLASSES!  FUN! And my current glasses have lines in the lenses around the edges and I am wondering if I should just go ahead and get new ones.  Whatcha think interweb?
Stay tuned for more health reports next week when I make a trip to the dentist.  Exciting, no?
P.S. Am thinking I may have to consider a visit to the dermatologist because seriously, I’m having an acne break out like I have not had in some time.  But it might also be linked to my hormones as period is due this weekend.  And why interweb, why must I have terrible PMS symptoms?

June 20, 2007

Getting over the hump (day)

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Dudes. I worked out hard core today.  I did 30 minutes on the cross-trainer and then took a 45 minute Pilates class.  Wow.  I’m going to be feeling that tomorrow.  Am very tired from all this working out. 
Work is super slow lately.  The only reason the other discipline is busy is because they’ve got people out.  I however am getting crazier by the minute.  Seriously.  Should probably consult the PTs because my feet are going sleep while I’m working out.  Freaky. 
I’ve become a total bookworm lately.  I’m working on my second book of the week.  I even stayed up late Sunday night to finish one.  I bought one today with my Books A Million gift card from my birthday.  The newest Stephanie Plum novel Lean Mean Thirteen is in a bad in my car.  I can’t take it out of my car and start reading it.  Because I will not put it down until I finish it.  No, really.
I need to be working on my nephews birth sampler.  And his name train.  Instead I am feeling bookwormish.  Oh well.
Is it Friday yet?

June 18, 2007

Happiness is the color pink.

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Because that is the color of my new iPod shuffle.  Sent to me by my favorite Aunt M. Yay!  Seriously, it is SO cute.  And it has my name engraved on it. (Does this cuteness end?)  I am SO very excited about it.  I am taking it to the gym tomorrow for its inagural use.  I even spent the evening downloading songs from iTunes- using up my giftcards from iTunes.  Suh-weet!  And there are more albums I want to download, but must enjoy the 2 albums downloaded today first. 
I’m trying to decide if I should name the shuffle.  I haven’t even named my original iPod.  Any suggestions?

June 14, 2007

I didn’t fall off the face of the earth

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I know, I know, it’s been more than a week since I posted last.  I’ve been busy- first my sister was here and we did some sister bonding.  And on Sunday and Monday I had some bonding time with my nephew.  And I tell you this: there is a reason you don’t start out with a 9 month old.  Seriously, that boy has got some energy.  And now he is mobile.  He’s successfully crawling, pulling up to stand.  He’s had a cold, so he was also a little fussy to boot.  I was so tired Monday night when he finally went to sleep at 10:30.  I went to work Tuesday- its less work to work my job in the hospital moving/lifting/assisting adults than one 9 month old all day long.  I’m really not kidding about this.
My parents came home Monday night (plane delayed 5 hours!!) and had a blast out in Vegas and Colorado.  I’m envious and wishing I was taking a trip somewhere fun sometime soon.  Actually, I am taking a trip somewhere fun in September- my most favorite place- I ordered tix for my college reunion yesterday.  I’ve got 4 football tix to the Florida-Tennessee game coming my way. Anyway, that’s beside the point because I’m talking about wanting to leave the state.  To be honest with y’all, I don’t think I’ve left Florida since 2005.  Seriously, that’s sad.  I can’t believe I just admitted that on the interweb.  I should do something about that.  Must talk CP into an out of state trip.  STAT. 
Sadly, little else to report, have been very tired this week- can’t seem to catch up on my sleep. 
But I have decided that as of Monday, I am getting my butt back into the gym.  I felt so much better last summer when I started going to the gym.  So then I’ll have that to report on…

June 6, 2007

Welcome to the jungle

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So, my parents went out of town for a week and left me in charge of the house and the menagerie. That means there are 6 animals and me.  3 dogs and 3 cats.  Oh and the stray dog that has been hanging around the neighborhood.  Let me give you a rundown on the week thus far.

House: 1
Human: 1
Dogs: 3
Cats: 3
Stray dogs: 1
Days I have been by myself: 4
Times I have cleaned up vomit: 1
Times I have cleaned up pee: 3
Times I have cleaned up poop: 3
Times the oldest dog has taken off to do her own thing: 2
Holes I have filled dug by stray dog: 1
Times I have called Animal Control to pick up stray dog: 1
Loads of laundry I have done as a direct result of animal care: 2

On that note, I’m tired and I’m going to bed.

June 4, 2007


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So, assvice vs. advice.  My last post seems to be bringing down the house with number of views, etc.  While I appreciate all the readers, I found that the comments on my last post seem to reflect some of the people in my world outside of blogging.  I suppose it happens to every blogger- I know it has happened to some of the bloggers I read.  I really struggled with whether to post it- I kept it close to my heart for a while because I felt so good about it.  But it seems as though even in the blogging world I  feel as though I have to defend myself, relationship and choices.  So I will try to respond to those commented wishing to be helpful. 
First, I appreciate the thoughts and well wishes.  As for the other things, seriously you’re not writing/thinking/saying anything I haven’t thought.  That someone in my life hasn’t already said. 
Have I read “He’s just not that into you”?  No.  And I’m not planning to do so either.  Thanks for the recommendation for a book you haven’t read either.  Honestly, I don’t think our relationship would have survived the distance it has, for the amount of time it has if he just wasn’t that into me or if I just wasn’t that into him.  He sure would not have taken vacation time, driven 500 miles one way and spent 3 nights on an air mattress if he wasn’t that into me.  I know I wouldn’t do those kind of things for him if I didn’t love him.  I don’t need a backup plan.  To me, having a backup plan is just inviting things not to work out.  If things were to not work out, I would deal with them at that point.  But after 4 years of dating and having actually asked CP if breaking up was what he wanted I’m not going to begin a backup plan now. 
The 12 month plan seems great in theory- if in the first 12 months of your relationship you’re not both in school.  I know that works for some people, but that didn’t really work for us.  Again, thanks for the  well wishes. 
I’m well aware that men do and say all kinds of things when they feel backed into a corner.  I feel as though I have done everything I could to avoid that for CP.  When I felt he offered me a paltry excuse, I told him that.  I’m an upfront person.  Always have been.  For the eight years he’s known me.  First as my friend, then as my best friend and my love. 
The conversation we had on the beach was not about if we will join our lives- it was about the logistics of joining our lives- the where, the when, the how.  And while I’m a big picture person, CP is the detail person.  He’s worried about the minute to minute detail of what we’ll be doing tomorrow- I’m worried about what our general plan for next month.  That’s how we work. 
Thanks for the well wishes, the good thoughts sent mine and CP’s way. 

June 3, 2007

Going through the ring-er

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So, I’ve been digesting the conversation that CP and I had on the beach last week. (Getting hellacious sunburns in the process, despite application of sunscreen. Which is now peeling and itchy.)  However, the conversation was worth the sunburn. 
We had been out and played in the water, talked about small things when I decided to bring the subject up. 
I not so subtly segued into the subject.  CP was a little confused at first, but he caught on quickly and said what might possibly be my least favorite word in the whole english language: Soon.  I reminded him that he has used that particular word a few too many times.  Then he uttered the phrase that is a close #2 to soon: I know. 
However, the conversation continued on from there and CP told me he had been looking into jobs here for him, and jobs there for me.  I reminded him that I would go to PBG, but that I do not want to live there for the rest of our lives.  I’d like to live close to my family.  My parents are not moving.  Ever.  I’m not saying we have to live here exactly.  Or even forever.  Somewhere close by would be fine.  There are advantages to living here- esp. once we have children.  My mom would keep the children if I decided to go back to work, full or part time.  If we didn’t live here, I might definitely have to work full time. 
CP thinks that we might be better off to live in PBG and buy a house there because we’d make more money on resale of a house there. I’m not so sure about that. 
We also talked about his job and mine.  He’s up for his annual review at the beginning of July and will then get his annual raise, so at this point it would be silly to take a job until then. I’m contractually obligated to the hospital until February.    He only signed a 9 month lease, so he’d be free of that next April.  I told him I’d like to have a late Spring/early Summer wedding, but that I needed time to plan, so he can’t be dragging his feet. 
I reminded him that he promised me last June that he’d be ready this June.  And he smiled and said that I promised I’d stay in B’ton until this June.  I told him that he could have stopped me.  He said he thought I’ve been happier here.  Which is true to a certain extent-  I would be happiest if we were together. 
So now I’m still trying to be patient, but after our conversation, I’m feeling as though something will happen imminently. I’m not sure if that’s worse or better.  🙂 

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