Corazon de Swiss

June 28, 2007

Wacky Wednesday June Edition (posted on Thursday!)

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I have a nice long Wacky Wednesday post for you today. {Note: it was so long I had to stop typing last night because I was too tired to carry on.}  And I think I will have to come up with an actual system for tracking the search terms (currently it is post it notes which I then tuck into a drawer until I am ready to write a Wacky Wednesday post).  Originally I intended to do this every week, but it is fairly time consuming so I do it on a random Wednesday a few weeks apart.  Let the wackiness begin!
1. Wacky Wednesday birthday– Goes to my last Wacky Wednesday post, which I wrote the day before my birthday.
2. My contact lens prescription– Just the other day, I wrote about my recent visit to the eye doctor.
3. Frick and Frack bibs– Frick and Frack are the pseudonyms I use here for my two cats.  They have their own category.
4. Licking stitches– I get this a lot because I posted about my inability to keep my kitties from licking their stitches after they were declawed.  Note to the interweb: I am not an authority on this subject!  I found nothing that worked. 
5. Jax, FL weekend cooking school– No idea where the cooking school thing came in- I’ve had many links about cooking school.
6. Converting music from WMP (windows media player)- I did this when I had to reload my CD’s on the computer for my iPod.  For I think what might be the 3rd time, currently.  Its a very time consuming process. 
7. Dating site in Swissland– the only dating on this site is me and Cheesepuff.  Thus far we haven’t set anyone up on a date.
8. Lean Mean Thirteen– I wrote about this last week, it is the latest Stephanie Plum book by Janet Evanovich.  One of my all time favorite series of books.  I was so excited about getting it and reading it last weekend.  I read it cover to cover in one night.
9. Download CP trainer 13– Seriously, I’ve got nothing on this one.  Nothing. 
10. Dog reports on nephew did not pick up– Seriously, I’ve also got nothing on this one either.  Nothing.
11. How to survive a triple dorm– Check over here– its #8.
There you have it.  Wacky Wednesday the June edition.  Posted on Thursday!


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