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July 31, 2007


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The course was good.  I am still attempting to process all of the information I took in.  Se@ World with CP was a wonderful time.  Am tired.  Very very tired.  Not finished with Harry Potter.  Trying desperately to finish because I want to know what happens so badly. 
But this is important to share: I found a gray hair this morning!  On my head! In my hair!!
I called my hairdresser thisafternoon to request an appointment for color and cut.  Because, people.  Gray hair!  On my head!  In my hair!!
Okay back to HP and the other kids.  Must know what happens next!


July 24, 2007


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I know, I haven’t written in over a week.  I’ve been busy creating drama with my SIL.  I’ve been busy not packing for my trip this week.  (Not going to BlogHer, going to a course for work) I’ve been busy shopping (bought Harry Potter but have not read it- saving it for the aforementioned trip. NO SPOILERS PLEASE). I’ve been busy working out (at least an hour 4 days a week).  And I’ve been busy losing 5.8 lbs in 2 weeks!  Yay!!!
As a method of continuing my procrastination of packing I am blogging instead.  (Well technically I am washing a load of laundry that has clothes I need for the trip, but thats neither here nor there).  And also, there is NOTHING on TV tonight. 
I’d write more about the SIL drama, but I’m way over it and her.  Suffice it to say, I’ve been “rude” to her (yet again).  Whatever. 
I went shopping this weekend to get some things I needed for the trip and other stuff I have been putting off.  I also got a pedi, courtesy of my high school friend, Daria as a belated birthday gift.  A pedi is ALWAYS a good gift.  Especially when you aren’t expecting it. 
I’m leaving tomorrow afternoon for O-Town to go to a continuing education course on Thursday and Friday.  It’s 10 hours both days.  Long days.  But, I’ll receive 20 credits for my state license and I only need 26 for the 2 year renewal.  And on Friday, CP will join me for the weekend and we’re going to Se@ World on Saturday.  I’m looking forward to seeing him and spending a weekend together.  I think the last time I went to Se@ World was when my brother was little (He’s now 25!) so it’s been a few years. 
The hotel reportedly has wireless internet and I am taking my trusty laptop, so hopefully I’ll be able to blog/stay up on blogs until Friday evening when CP arrives. Unless Harry Potter sucks me in!  Either way, after CP arrives, I’ll be busy. 

July 16, 2007


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So, learning to sew wasn’t the only thing I did this weekend.  I also went to the Billfish tournament with my new colleague.  She just moved here from Kansas, by herself, and I know how she feels- she’s far from home, by herself, starting her first “real job”.  I’m trying to be welcoming and hospitable,etc.  We watched the weigh-ins on Saturday night- I saw some of the biggest fish I’ve ever seen in my life. Among them: the winning dolphin (not Flipper, mahi-mahi) at 55 lbs, and the second place tuna at 119 lbs.  That’s a whole lotta fish!
My nephew stayed the night and we got to play and play on Sunday.  He is so much fun- he’s babbling, crawling, standing, trying to walk.  He loves to brush his teeth, follows you around the house. 
Then I sewed my second pillowcase- I could easily get addicted to this sewing thing.  And add it to my other creative addictions.
Today I skipped my regular workout to go to the playgroup for autistic kids- I volunteer as an “adult supervisor”.  When I got to the play group location, it was closed.  And there was no one there.  I called one of my friends whose son is in the group and she told me they changed it to tomorrow night.  I didn’t get a call.  Or an email.  
The trip wasn’t totally wasted.  I went by the mall to get a new pair of shoes for working out- I wore a pair of my work shoes last week when I was on the cross-trainer and my feet didn’t fall asleep.  So I bought another pair in a different color. I bought different laces b/c they have round laces (hate round laces- they don’t stay tied!).  I looked for some capris or pants to wear to the course I am going to next week, but didn’t see anything that I couldn’t live without.  I’ll look again this weekend. 
P.S. Am down 2.5 lbs this week!

July 15, 2007

Sew simple!

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I took a beginning sewing class this weekend. And I learned how to machine sew.  I made a pillowcase.  Then I made another one. So, I have 2 pillowcases I sewed all by myself!  I must admit, I am pretty impressed with myself, but I am having trouble with my picture sharing. As soon as I figure it out, will post pix so you can see how I did. 

July 9, 2007

Money, money, money…

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Do you ever feel like you’re just hemorrhaging money?  I just went to the eye doctor which cost me over $300 even though I have insurance.  I signed up for a $500 continuing education course and an almost $400 hotel (it’s a Thursday-Friday course and CP is joining me on Friday for the weekend because I’ll be in O-town which is not far from where he lives) for that trip.
Plus I joined Ww today so that’s more money I’ve spent.  And I refilled my gas tank. Bought supplies for my sewing class next week.  (Does it ever end?) I feel like I should just open up my money veins and let the money out.  All I can say is its a good thing I live at home and have no rent to pay right now. At least I will get paid on  Thursday.  It always feels good to know that money is hitting the bank.  Now I just need to start a 401k for my retirement.
In other happy money news, I am the proud owner of no more credit card debt.  And I am increasing my car payments to get it paid off sooner.  Then I will only owe on my student loans (I only have 22 more years on that!).  So I can work on saving for a down payment for a house. Yay me! 

July 8, 2007

Weight W@tchers

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I joined Weight W@tchers online today.  I officially weigh more than I have ever weighed in my life(I’m not divulging the number).  II’ve been on Weight W@tchers before with some success, so I know it works.  I didn’t want to go back to weekly meetings so I am doing it online.  It’s hard for me to sit through the meetings- I know what I need to do- make better food choices and exercise I just don’t want to sit there for 30 minutes and listen to people talk about food.  I have to do something.  I don’t like the way I look.  I want to like the way I look.  I want to feel good about myself.  And I want to be more fit.  Anyone have any tips for weight loss and exercise?

July 1, 2007


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Friday evening my mom had dinner with her girls’ group.  Once a month she and some of her friends meet and have dinner at someone’s house and they all bring a dish to share.  And if someone’s birthday is that month, then they have presents, etc. One of the girls got my mom a Sports Hoop.  It’s basically a large, weighted hula hoop.  The one who gave it to her is really good, she was just hooping, having a conversation.  Then one of the other girls who also has one did it.  And I almost wet my pants laughing.  I am not kidding. Y’all, it is probably one of the funniest things I have seen in my life.  She looked like she was having a seizure or an out of body experience.  I kept expecting her to shout out “Hallelujah!” or “Praise Jesus!” like she was at a revival.  When she first got her hoop, she didn’t get it snapped together correctly and she put a whole in the wall with it. 
My mom and I tried it and we’re not very good.  She even had to point out that I swung the hoop in the opposite direction because I am left-handed.  My brother, sister-in-law and sister all tried it and they’re all much better than I am.  My brother is the best one by far.  And it’s just killing me.  The sports hoop also beats you up a little bit- I might have some bruises.  But this thing is supposed to trim 2 inches from your waist with 10 minutes of daily use.  We’ll see.  And the laughter ought to be really good for my abs too! 🙂

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