Corazon de Swiss

August 16, 2007

Written words

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I haven’t been writing lately (again, I know, I’m sorry). I could give you lots of excuses, but I won’t. Instead I will tell you all my stories.  Like how I kicked butt and took names at the car shop last week.  Like how my car is still making the sound it made last week.  But also how my dad told me what he thinks it is, and how it won’t cost me a large fortune.  Just a small one.  And I need new front brakes. 
Also, how my best friend from elementary school found me on MySp@ce after 20 years?  And in the market adjustments to the payroll where I work resulted in an awesome pay raise for me. Let’s see what else…oh quilting class was incredibly frustrating.  But when I got home, it was better after my mom helped me some. 
Did I mention that my nephew’s birthday is this week and my sister and I are having fun picking out a birthday present for our favorite soon to be 1 year old boy?  We’re thinking about a sandbox.  How fun is that?  Plus we have a name train, and it is a story in and of itself.  At the rate we are going, it will be at least Christmas if not his next birthday before that little project is finished. 
So, what I’m saying is, when you haven’t seen me write in a while, remind me of all these stories I have to write for you.  Leave me a comment. Or send me an email: and say “What about the car story?”  or “What about the elementary school friend thing?”  “Tell me about your quilting class”  or “Would you just write instead of telling us what you are going to write!!”
So I’m off.  Doing something other than writing.  And lamenting that I can’t write from my bed, because the internet connection in my house is stupid.  ‘Cause if I could write blog entries from my bed, wouldn’t that be totally awesome?!


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