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August 17, 2007

The post about the car

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I called the car place I use last Tuesday because I have been hearing a funny noise, like my car is not getting into the last gear.  I tell the guy I want an oil change, tires rotated and balanced and the transmission looked at. He tells me I can come in anytime today, in fact how about now- they’re “dead”.  I explain that I am already at work, and that I can drop it off Thursday evening and they can have it all day Friday. 
So, Thursday rolls around and I arrange with my mom to meet me there after I drop the car off.  Mr. Personality from the phone waits on me again. 
Me: I’m here to drop off my car for tomorrow.  My name is Brie Swiss. 
Mr. P: You’re not supposed to be here until 6. 
Me: I know, but my ride situation worked out that this is when someone can pick me up.
Mr. P: I have you down for oil change, tires and transmission.  What’s wrong with your transmission?  We really don’t service transmissions here.  (As I am looking at the sign that lists the pricing for the transmission flush and fill)
Me: It doesn’t seem like its getting into the last gear when I’m driving.  It sounds very loud.  I’d just like them to look at it.
Mr. P: Ok. Well we charge at life time balance and rotation fee of 63…
Me: I paid for the lifetime balance and rotation of the tires when I bought them. 
Mr. P: Did you buy them here?
Me: No.  I bought them at Your Brand Store in SoFL where I lived at the time.  But y’all  balanced and rotated them last time I was here.
Mr. P: I only show we rotated your tires last time.  Do you have the documentation?
Me: (calm on the outside, but really angry on the inside) Yes and I showed them last time I was here. (Am genius, because I have a mad filing system and all service related documentation on my car is kept in my glove box, so have it with the car at all times.)
Mr. P: I believe you, but I have to see it.
Me: I have to go out to my car and get it.  (again really angry because I’ve already given them the paperwork on this and someone didn’t do their job, and because Mr. P has just told me that they didn’t do something that I asked last time I was there.)
So, I go find the receipt and give it to Mr. P, give him my work phone number and explain that the department secretary will answer, track me down in the hospital and return the call as soon as I am available. 
Fast forward to last Friday morning (slow, slow, slow day at work!) Go to my locker, hoping that when I check the printer in a few minutes that there will be orders for new patients, and check my cell phone.  Voicemail.  Call and check my voicemail (because hello, I left my work number for my health).  It’s a message from an hour ago from the Service Guy who’s working on my car.  Call SG back.  He starts speaking car.  Fluently and fast.  (In his defense, much the same way I speak medical, but I digress.) He starts asking have I had the the transmission fluid drained and replaced, and I need the power steering fluid, brake fluid replaced, some kind of fuel injection thing that will help my gas mileage.  (What?! I haven’t noticed a change in my gas mileage! Yes, because I am a nerd I check on things like this.) So I tell him that yes indeed I have had the transmission fluid changed out.  He asks more questions.  I tell him that they better have done it since I paid $200+ for it.  He asks if I have documentation(what’s with the documentation?! at least I save it all).  I tell him about my mad filing skills and that he is welcome to go out and find the paper. He tells me he’ll go look and call me right back.  I ask him for an estimate of the costs.  $500.
Then, dear readers I did what any self-sufficient, grown woman does when the car guy calls and tells her she needs $500 work done on her car.  I called my daddy.  Who explained things to me and told me that no, I didn’t need the fuel injection thing (saving me ~$100). My dad reminds me to speak to the manager about Mr. P from the day before.  So, SG calls me back, says yeah he found the paperwork and the work was done.  I authorize everything but the fuel injection thing and then ask to be transferred to the manager.
I tell him who I am, and explain about Mr. P from the day before.  Mgr. tells me he is so sorry, and he’s glad that I let him know because he can’t take care of things if customers don’t tell him.  Mgr. tells me he’s going to go knock Mr. P upside his stupid head (okay, not exactly, but something similar).
Fast forward to an early exit from work and time at home with the cutest-soon-to-be-one-year-old boy that I know. I begin to dread picking up my car, because I am worried I will have to deal with Mr. P.  But decide to suck it up and be a grown up and handle it as one.  I go in and of course, Mr. P. is working at the desk, but has also decided to act like one and handles the transaction well.  Mgr. is also sitting behind the counter and says “Ms. Swiss, I took 10% off your bill for your trouble.”  I thank him and go out to my car.

Score: Brie Swiss 1, Mr. P 0.

Sometimes it pays to call and complain to the manager. Since last Friday my dad has driven my car and told me that he thinks it is not the transmission, but the catalytic converter. He’ll have to talk to the other car guy and talk to him about it.  And I also need new front brakes.  Fortunately, I just have to buy the parts and my dad can replace those. 
So there you have it, the post about the car.


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  1. I always call my daddy when something goes wrong with the car. Because I know nothing about them and honestly? Most car places will overcharge you to fix things that don’t need fixing, unless you call them up on it. Good for you being upfront about it all and being rewarded for your troubles!

    Now if I’m lucky, I can get through the next five months before I go overseas without any cars blowing up on me..

    Comment by alyndabear — August 17, 2007 @ 6:37 pm |Reply

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