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August 29, 2007

More about the car, a little about my HS reunion and my sewing

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Today I dropped my car off…again.  But to a new place.  I drove it with the car man so he could hear the sound it is making.  He thinks it is a wheel bearing.  I have no idea what that costs, but surely it is less than a transmission.  Hopefully this is all and he will be able to fix it tomorrow.  Except that not having my car means I get to drive the big-girl truck to work.  (Technically not so much a big-girl truck because it’s my dad’s but that’s how I like to think of it. Especially since I have to kind of climb in it.  Because I am vertically challenged.) I take the truck if I need the car seat for my nephew and leave my car for whoever needs it.  Or days like tomorrow when my dad is working all day, using his work car and I need work done on mine.  
I want to get it back tomorrow because Friday everyone needs a car, because they have a)work, b) meetings or c) appointments.  And on Friday I am planning to go and buy my sewing machine.  I have been looking at thiem for some time and have finally decided.  I’m going to get this little beauty. I am really excited about it.  I told my dad last night that I have finally decided and that I will go at the end of the week.  He had recently been to a business meeting with his siblings and while there gotten some “Granny money” (which is what we call some of the dividends of the corporation that they started with my grandparents’ estate.  Occasionally my dad will come back with some money and get gift cards for my siblings and myself. ) This time he gave me my “Granny money” in cash and said that now Granny would pay for some of my machine, and he thought she’d be real pleased that I was learning how to sew. 
My high school reunion is upcoming (10 years!!) and I have been stressing about it a bit.  First of all, because I no longer weigh what I weighed then and not in a good way.  I’ve been working on that, but it is still frustrating.  And though on the websites I have been monitoring (MySpace, Classreport, the official school website) I have had information about the events, the cost but not the deadlines or payment information.  Today, I get a bulletin that the info was on and that the deadline for payment is September 10.  I’d have paid months ago if I’d known!!  I had just recently contacted the local person listed and he didn’t know anything either.  I even left MySpace messages for the coordinator offering to help!  The good news about the reunion is that CP is planning to come up and requested time off and I didn’t have to remind him.  How good is that sweet boy?!  Some of my good friends are planning to come and I am looking forward to seeing them as well. 
Today I made arrangements to go to Ithaca, NY to see my college friend.  She works at C0rnell University and I am going for a long weekend in October.  I fly out Friday morning and return Monday evening.  I can’t wait to go- especially since it gets me out of Florida for a few days, and even better seeing one of my most favorite girls, and a place I’ve never been before!!


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  1. Hey you! I’ve missed chatting lately, you need to update more.. sounds like you’ve got lots of things coming up. I’d feel really awkward going to a reunion, because judging from MySpace and FaceBook, they’re all the same party animals that they were back then … completely the opposite of me. And they’re all thinner too. Gah! 😉

    Hope you’ve been enjoying yourself, and to talk soon!

    Comment by alyndabear — September 2, 2007 @ 9:01 pm |Reply

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