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September 26, 2007


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I pay my debts, so here is a post about my HS reunion. 
Friday it rained off and on all day because Tropical Depression 10 had arrived on the coast of Florida.  We met at the high school to decide about going to the football game.  Due to the off and on of the rain all day, vetoed the idea of sitting at HS football game in the rain.  While I’d consider doing it for the G@tors, I’m not going to do it for my HS team.  Sorry guys.  So we went to dinner with some of my friends and headed to the beach cloub where others would join us later.  Several hours (and weak/watered down) drinks later.  But by midnight I had had all I could take and asked my guy to drive me home. 
On Saturday the weather was the same for the picnic as it was for the football game, so it was moved inside.  Inside a very small room not designed for small children that a few of my classmates had.  By the end of the picnic, I was begninning to get nervous because I had not seen more than a handful of people and I graduated with over 300. 
Saturday evening we arrived at the hotel location for the banquet and found tables set for a total of about 50 people.  It was very nicely done and our principal was there (long retired and his health is not very good) and spoke.  I almost cried when he spoke because he is still as cute as he was back then.  A couple of the teachers were also there and that was great too.  However, on the projector screen, instead of the photos of high school and that people had sent in, they had the Alabama v. Georgia game.  Y’all, I’m being totally serious.  I’m devoted to college football, but even I can miss a game for something like my 10 year reunion. 
The deejay played a weird mix of songs, and we only danced a little, which was disappointing because I really enjoy it.  But it was overall a good evening with old friends (and my most favorite guy). 
And here are the pix…
Me with CP

The girls


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  1. I am lovin’ that dress…sounds like a fun evening but couldn’t somebody have tivo’d that game?

    Comment by mrsgatt — October 6, 2007 @ 2:06 pm |Reply

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