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November 30, 2007

It’s over

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Okay, this is it.  NaBloPoMo is officially over. And I am taking a few days off.  (Sorry Aly and my new blog-friends, but I need a break.) But, I did it!!!  I posted every day this month.  Even if they all weren’t quality posts. 
I am off to Tallahassee in the morning to go to Market Days.  I’ll be working on my Christmas shopping.  But I have to get up at 4AM.  We’re leaving at 5AM.  I am officially crazy. 


November 29, 2007

Is it Friday yet?

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Seriously.  This has to be one of the slowest weeks ever.  I’ve been working on things for posts for the holiday season- pix of the Christmas tree (I have yet to get my animal models for sitting with their newly sewn kerchiefs), and my other favorite decorations.  I’ve gotten a couple of holiday memes I’m working on.  But I am SO SO tired.  I have gone to bed late every night this week. I have yet to come straight home from work one night this week.  So I apologize, because I truly intended to get a cool post done for tonight, but doing so would involve staying up late (again!) and I just can’t do that.  I’m going to take the dogs out for the last time and put them to bed, and then I am putting myself to bed.  And fortunately for me NaBloPoMo is over tomorrow and I can at least take the weekend off!

November 28, 2007


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At this very busy of seasons, I’m going to share with you a little something I’ve thought about quite a bit.  As a person in a “helping” profession, I give a lot of myself at work. In school we learn about the “therapeutic use of self”.  We’re taught to put our patients and their needs ahead of our own.  We’re taught to give of ourselves. That often means at the end of the day, I don’t always have a lot left to give.
And the person who suffers that most is CP because he is closer to me than anyone else in the world.  Also, because we are so close I often consider him a part of me.  So, he gets the short end of the stick more often than not.  (And for some reason he loves me anyway).  This also means that sometimes I think I’ve told him things, but I haven’t.  I just figure if I know something, CP knows it- I mean I carry him around in my head and my heart all day long, so why doesn’t he know what I know?  Bless his heart- after almost 5 years, now I tell him to pretend I told him! 
Any of you out there “forget” to tell your significant other things?   

November 27, 2007

Ten things I’ve done so far this week.

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I know I said I wouldn’t cop out today, but oh my gosh.  Are we sure that it is only Tuesday?!  Because I have been so busy the last couple of days, I don’t know how it is only Tuesday.  It should at least be Thursday by now. 
So far this week I have:

  • washed, dried and folded 3 loads of laundry
  • picked up CP’s Christmas present from FedEx
  • bought makeup
  • bought air freshener refills at Bath and Body Works. I’m trying out Kitchen Spice.  I like it! (They didn’t have any fresh linen, which is my favorite.)
  • booked CP and I a hotel room for my sister’s college graduation
  • motivated CP to book us a B&B in St. Augustine for our weekend away. 
  • bought fabric to make all the pets Christmas bandanas.  (I’ve cut them all out, but now I have to sew the edges.  I’ve done one, but Flabulous looks great in it!)  I’ll get them all to model in pictures for you soon. 
  • started my shopping list for Market Days this weekend
  • started looking at things for CP and I to do on our weekend away
  • tried to get my sister’s graduation gift engraved, but no one will do it for me.  (even though I have 2 of the exact same things engraved and one of which I know the store did because I’m the one who took it in to be engraved.  ugh!)

November 26, 2007

Cop out

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I know, I know I’ve not been writing quality posts, but I’m still tired and trying to catch up from too much football and fun. coupled with not enough sleep.  Also, not enough laundry, refilling my toiletries, or picking up my room, not enough uploading pictures.  And on that note- I am going to bed.  I promise to write a real post tomorrow.  Really.  I promise. 

November 25, 2007

Y’all I share genetic material with these people!

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I had lots of fun on our family road trip and I will be sharing some photos later, but I am too tired to upload pictures.  But I’m going to share a little story from last night.

Scene: Burger King, with my sister, Mandapanda and Mr. Pooter. 

Sister: “So stinky seems to have something against showers.  I don’t know why.”

Mr. Pooter: “I like to shower.  It’s refreshing. (short pause) Like a breath mint.”

We all dissolved into laughter.  Like I said, I share genetic material with these people!

November 24, 2007

It’s a family affair

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Happy Saturday!  I’m off to The Swamp (Home of the Gators!) for the Florida vs. Florida State game.  My sister and I will be rootin’ the Gators on with our cousin, Mr. Pooter (it is his childhood nickname).  Sitting on the opposite side of the field will be our cousin, Mandapanda who goes to FSU.  And the 4 of us will be staying at my sister’s apartment for the night. 
I don’t know who’s going to be left out- Mandapanda because she’ll be the only FSU fan in the clan, Mr. Pooter who will be our token male, or me because I’m the oldest by 4-8 years.  It promises to be family fun for all involved. 
So if you need me, I’ll be here:

No fear I’ll be back tomorrow with stories to tell. 

November 23, 2007

Holiday decorating

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We decorated the tree at my house tonight, so I decked out my blog too. (Let me know what you think of the Christmas decor here)  I’ve got to start working on my ornament buying list and my card list.  I’m going to be working on getting a Christmas picture of Frick and Frack for my cards.  Like the one I did last year
I’m off to pack and get ready for a fun weekend.

November 22, 2007


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I did get made fun of for taking these pictures, but this way you will see what we ate at my Uncle’s house today…
We had 2 alternative Turkeys (one smoked and one fried).  CP was unsure of this when I told him about it.  Good thing he didn’t come.  They were awesome.  We also had a spiral ham, a smoked Boston Butt, and some sausage.  My dad just got a smoker a couple of weeks ago and he is all hot to trot on smoking stuff.  He’s going to try smoking hamburgers next.  Why?  I don’t know.  Anyway, onto the food!

Sausage, ham and 2 turkeys (the left is the fried and the right is the smoked)

Fresh sliced tomatoes, corn, peas and deviled eggs
pears, smoked Boston butt and cornbread dressing

Squash casserole, dumplings, and in the upper right corner is the
sweet potatoes (had 1/2 marshmallow topping and 1/2 pecan topping)

stewed tomatoes (another!) pan of dressing, cranberry sauce
and you can’t see it but the cranberry apple compote is in the right

This doesn’t include the desserts.  Which were plentiful and I didn’t get pix!
Hope you are all as stuffed as I am!

November 21, 2007


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With Thanksgiving on the horizon- I can almost see it now, and I can definitely smell it cooking in the kitchen already, I’ve been reading a lot of posts about thankfulness.  So, I’m jumping on the Thanksgiving thankfulness bandwagon. (If there was ever a bandwagon to jump on, this is it.)
So here is my thankfulness post, complete with bullet points!

I am thankful for:

  • my family
  • my love (CP)
  • a good job that is fulfilling
  • good co-workers
  • home
  • my pets

And truth be told, I’m a little thankful that I have to work Friday because it means I don’t have to/can’t go shopping.  And I love to shop, but shopping with all those crazy nuts on Friday, no thank you.

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