Corazon de Swiss

November 22, 2007


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I did get made fun of for taking these pictures, but this way you will see what we ate at my Uncle’s house today…
We had 2 alternative Turkeys (one smoked and one fried).  CP was unsure of this when I told him about it.  Good thing he didn’t come.  They were awesome.  We also had a spiral ham, a smoked Boston Butt, and some sausage.  My dad just got a smoker a couple of weeks ago and he is all hot to trot on smoking stuff.  He’s going to try smoking hamburgers next.  Why?  I don’t know.  Anyway, onto the food!

Sausage, ham and 2 turkeys (the left is the fried and the right is the smoked)

Fresh sliced tomatoes, corn, peas and deviled eggs
pears, smoked Boston butt and cornbread dressing

Squash casserole, dumplings, and in the upper right corner is the
sweet potatoes (had 1/2 marshmallow topping and 1/2 pecan topping)

stewed tomatoes (another!) pan of dressing, cranberry sauce
and you can’t see it but the cranberry apple compote is in the right

This doesn’t include the desserts.  Which were plentiful and I didn’t get pix!
Hope you are all as stuffed as I am!


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