Corazon de Swiss

February 19, 2008


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So, I have things to tell you!  Unrelated to the w-e-d-d-i-n-g!  How cool is that?! 
Okay well, one might be the tiniest bit related.  An 89 year old man proposed to me yesterday.  Let me back up a little bit. 
 I was seeing this man in his room- and I wanted him to make sure he sat up in the chair for his dinner. 
Me: I want you to sit up  in the chair for dinner- it’s  better for your digestion, builds energy and everyone is better looking sitting up. 
89: I bet you’re better looking lying down…:) 
Me: (Laughing) I’m sure my fiance thinks so.
89: You’re not married yet?
Me: Not yet- we’re getting married in November.
89: Let’s go get married tonight!
Me: My fiance might be disappointed.  Besides it takes a long time to get a wedding together. 
89: Nah, it takes about 15 minutes! 


Today, I’m talking to a lady who’s been married 50 years.  She got married when she was 15 and her husband was 18.  They started having babies right away and had 6 boys.  She told me they never got divorced because neither of them wanted custody of the kids.  And then she started to laugh.  And so did I! 
She also told me that she wished I lived long enough to spend 50 years married to the same man.  How nice is that? 

Some weeks my job is not just fun, but also funny!!


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