Corazon de Swiss

August 14, 2008

open letters

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Dear internets,
I am addicted to the Olympics.  I am staying up WAY past my bedtime to watch them.  It is making me tired and also, cranky.  CP is not appreciative of this regularly cranky version of myself as I tend to take it out on him. 



Dear NBC and Olympics Organizers,

The Olympic tv schedule is killing me.  Why are you showing gymnasticsand other good competitions past my bedtime?  I am staying up late, but falling asleep long before it is over, and therefore missing some of the things I like best.  And I am tired all day at work.  Also, I am cranky.  My future husband is not appreciative of my crankyness.  In the future, please be more considerate of my sleep schedule so I can see the good stuff and get to bed at a decent hour. 



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