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October 16, 2008

So this one week, I totally freaked out.

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And then I spent 4 days with my fiance and it got much better.  But first it got a little worse.  Because when I arrived at the airport to get to CP, my bag didn’t make it on the flight with me.  So we waited for it before we went house hunting.  Again.  We put in an offer on a house.  They countered.  We countered.  They countered.  We walked away.  They decided to accept.  But we were already over it.  I have decided to live in CP’s apartment and resume the househunt after the wedding and honeymoon.  This is not my first choice, but a girl’s gotta do what she can manage when she is completely stressed out by her wedding.  And I do mean completely stressed out.
We got a marriage license!  And as of today, we can legally get married.  How cool is that?! 
CP has a wedding band.  I don’t, but for a couple of hours, I thought I did.  Back on the hunt, and narrowed down to 2.  Now I just have to make a decision. 
I leave you with the kind words of my friend who is baking our cakes for the wedding (after I emailed her to apologize for forgetting to cancel our tasting over the weekend.

I would tell you not to stress…but that’s an impossibility at this point.  Just understand that you have been overtaken by hostile alien forces with the sole purpose of turning your brain into soup and your body into a jumbling mixture of stress, exhaustion, extreme (albeit short) energy bursts and emotional outbreaks (some may actually mistake these as spontaneous instances of Tourette’s).  The good news is that they will leave you… and eventually… the nervous tics and twitches will as well…
Someday, I’m going to be myself again!

October 10, 2008

If this week gets any worse…

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I just might lose my mind.  We lost the house today.  You know the house that CP spent $600 on a plane ticket for me to see so we could put in an offer after I saw it?  Too late.  Someone else beat us to the punch.  I am heartbroken. 
And after waiting a month to see a specialist, my nurse practitioner sent me to the wrong one.  So I have to start calling Monday to get in with the right one. 
But CP has talked with someone at the courthouse and Monday, we’re getting a marriage license.  Yay!

October 6, 2008


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I would apologize for not writing and updating sooner, but peoples I am totally stressed out.  I don’t know which way is up, CP and I are fighting (although our pre-marital counseling is going well, and our minister thinks we’re going to only do 3 sessions instead of 4).  I have the big appointment with the endocrinologist on Friday and we’re going for dress alterations on Monday.  We have to get our marriage license soon and CP is throwing wrenches in my plans and timelines left and right.  Also, have I mentioned we are house hunting? I still have lots and lots to do for this wedding.  Ugh. 

So here are the details in no particular order: 
We’re house hunting- CP has seen a house we both like (although I have only seen it in pix and online).  I want him to put in an offer.  He wants me to come down there- (I would have to fly, its an 8 hour drive- spending what I would consider to be an unnecessary expense) and see the house. Ugh.  And honestly, I am so tired thinking about it.  I am not sure if we are going to work on this option or not.  He’s looking into it.  He would like to postpone our house hunt until I get there. I consider this to be not just a no, but a hell no.  Months ago, when I agreed to go there, I said so long as we have a place to live that’s not yours (as in the the apartment he’s lived in for 3 years).  Of course, he waited until the last minute.  As usual.  So of course, we’re both stressed.  We have had a rough weekend over the phone.  We just might be able to work it out, before we get married. 

I’m tired of being asked if I’m excited.  Yes, of course I am excited.  But also tired, stressed, scared, loved, blessed, and tired.  Post on this later. 

Mom and grandma have dresses. Post on this later.

Endocrinologist appointment on Friday.  Will update you on this later.

Exhaustion is ever present as is increased stress level.  Going to bed.  No further update needed.  🙂

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