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November 8, 2007

Love and Hate, Thursday edition

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Love: the time change means I’m not getting up in the dark.
Hate: the change means the sun is setting when I get off of work.

Love: cooler weather
Hate: ice on my windshield

Love: the work week is almost over
Hate: it isn’t over already

Love: Gray’s Anatomy
Hate: weather updates during my show

Love: my boy
Hate: we’ve been apart too long

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February 14, 2007

Love and Hate- Valentine’s Day Edition

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Love: That my boyfriend sent me an awesome package for V-day
Hate: That I didn’t do anything for him.  ANYTHING.  I did not even buy the poor guy a card.  Seriously.

Love: He told me it was totally okay. 
Hate: Then he told me that he stood in line for 30 minutes to mail me said package.

Love: That my new job makes the week seem to go by so fast- How did it get to be Wednesday already?
Hate: That I am so far away from CP because of said job.

Love: That the cats’ litterbox is out on the porch (no stinky smell inside!)
Hate: That they haven’t figured out how to tell me they need to go out so sometimes there is a stinky smell inside.  (like this morning when one peed in the bedroom and one pooped in the family room. Dudes, what’s up with that?!)

Love: Reading blogs/writing blogs
Hate: I don’t write as often as I should.

February 1, 2007

Love and Hate, Rainy Day Edition

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Love: Staying in and watching daytime tv

Hate: Rain keeping me in so I can’t go out and get some stuff done that I wanted to get done today

Love: Snuggling with the cats for an afternoon nap

Hate: Uncooperative Shih Tzus who won’t let you comb their matted hair out.

Love: Spending time with my sweet nephew

Hate: I have to go to work next Monday.

Love: Hair cut and colored for $30

Hate: Feeling like all I’ve done lately is spend money

Love: I get to buy a new wardrobe in scrubs. 

Hate: Process of trying on new clothes and spending money.

January 9, 2007


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Edit: LOVE: This idea, which I first saw on: 

LOVE: My Gators won the National Championship in football last night

HATE: The doubters and haters

LOVE: They played a game that left NO DOUBTS.

HATE: I was up till 12:30 watching the coverage and dragged out of bed to go to work at 8 AM

LOVE: I’ll be closer to my family with this move

HATE: Moving farther away from CP.

LOVE: How organized I’ll be when I get through this move

HATE: Actually packing all this stuff up, because DUDE!  I have a A LOT OF STUFF!

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