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April 10, 2008

Not my week

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I’m looking forward to Friday for all the usual reasons and because apparently this isn’t my week.  Maybe its because CP was on a trip this week and I didn’t get to talk to him as we do routinely and it threw me off.  Anyway, a recap with bullets!

  • Monday: Tripped over a laundry basket when coming into the house.  Caught myself from falling with my fist.  On the switch for the attic fan.  Thought I might have broken the knuckle.  On my ring finger.  Of my left hand.  (CP’s response:  Is your ring okay?  We’ve got insurance on it.  I mean I want you to be okay too.)  I love you, too. (Cut, bruised and sore, but no worse for the wear)
  • Tuesday: I know I had something weird happen to me Tuesday, I just blocked it out of my memory.
  • Wednesday: At 6 PM, I’m in the bathroom and realize: my underwear has been on inside out.  All day.
  • Thursday: I left my second set of workout clothes at home for my evening workout.  Fortunately, I was not terrible sweaty, so I could wear this morning’s workout clothes again.  And I hit my humerus hard.  Twice.  I was not amused. 

What on earth will Friday bring?  Hopefully I will be able to get out of work early.  Its just not my week!!

P.S. Hopefully  I will be able to win back your visits to my little site with engagement pictures which I have been promised will be delivered to me next week.  Yay yay yay! 
In other wedding related accomplishments I had a florist consult yesterday and booked my hotel block.


November 29, 2007

Is it Friday yet?

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Seriously.  This has to be one of the slowest weeks ever.  I’ve been working on things for posts for the holiday season- pix of the Christmas tree (I have yet to get my animal models for sitting with their newly sewn kerchiefs), and my other favorite decorations.  I’ve gotten a couple of holiday memes I’m working on.  But I am SO SO tired.  I have gone to bed late every night this week. I have yet to come straight home from work one night this week.  So I apologize, because I truly intended to get a cool post done for tonight, but doing so would involve staying up late (again!) and I just can’t do that.  I’m going to take the dogs out for the last time and put them to bed, and then I am putting myself to bed.  And fortunately for me NaBloPoMo is over tomorrow and I can at least take the weekend off!

November 27, 2007

Ten things I’ve done so far this week.

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I know I said I wouldn’t cop out today, but oh my gosh.  Are we sure that it is only Tuesday?!  Because I have been so busy the last couple of days, I don’t know how it is only Tuesday.  It should at least be Thursday by now. 
So far this week I have:

  • washed, dried and folded 3 loads of laundry
  • picked up CP’s Christmas present from FedEx
  • bought makeup
  • bought air freshener refills at Bath and Body Works. I’m trying out Kitchen Spice.  I like it! (They didn’t have any fresh linen, which is my favorite.)
  • booked CP and I a hotel room for my sister’s college graduation
  • motivated CP to book us a B&B in St. Augustine for our weekend away. 
  • bought fabric to make all the pets Christmas bandanas.  (I’ve cut them all out, but now I have to sew the edges.  I’ve done one, but Flabulous looks great in it!)  I’ll get them all to model in pictures for you soon. 
  • started my shopping list for Market Days this weekend
  • started looking at things for CP and I to do on our weekend away
  • tried to get my sister’s graduation gift engraved, but no one will do it for me.  (even though I have 2 of the exact same things engraved and one of which I know the store did because I’m the one who took it in to be engraved.  ugh!)

November 14, 2007

Sweet potatoes

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I know it must seem like I have a food blog lately, but really I am just cooking more with the approaching holiday sesason.  At work we are having our Thanksgiving tomorrow, so I made my contribution tonight…Sweet Potato Souffle’  It is by far one of my most favorite holiday foods and truth be told, I did not even eat sweet potatoes until this recipe came in to my life.  Especially since I don’t like the sweet potatoes with the marshmallows.  I’m just not that big on the marshmallows. 

Sweet Potato Souffle’ (Swiss’s Grandmother)

3 cups cooked, mashed sweet potatoes (I don’t actually measure, just use 3 or 4 large sweet potatoes cut up, boiled and mashed)
1/2 cup butter melted
2 eggs beaten
1/3 cup milk
1 tsp. vanilla
1 cup sugar (I use Splenda baking mix so you cut this in half)
Mix and pour into casserole dish
2 1/2 tbsp. butter, melted
1/2 cup chopped pecans
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup flour
I usually double (or triple) the topping (because seriously, its the best part!)
Mix above and sprinkle on top of sweet potato mixture. 
Bake at 350 for 25 minutes

November 12, 2007

What’s an OT?

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I don’t get to talk about my work a lot because I am in healthcare and I am bound by the law to not talk about my patients, etc.  But I can talk about my profession.  So, I’m an occupational therapist.  And I bet there’s a lot of you out there wondering what it is an occupational therapist does.  Here’s the official word from AOTA (The American Occupational Therapy Association- the national association {I am a card carrying member}) on the definition of occupational therapy:
Occupational therapy is skilled treatment that helps individuals achieve independence in all facets of their lives.  Occupational therapy assists people in developing the “skills for the job of living” necessary for independent and satisfying lives.

And here is the Wikipedia definition:
Occupational therapy refers to the use of meaningful occupation to assist people who have difficulty in achieving healthy and balanced life; and to enable an inclusive society so that all people can participate to their potential in daily occupations of life. 

And here is the Swiss definition of Occupational therapy:  When people are sick, hurt, injured or otherwise unable to do the things they want/need to do to be functional people, we help them adapt the way they do things, the environment in which they do things, or provide them with the tools they need to do things.  Or in three words: We help people. 

Enough with the seriousness!  Here’s some funny things about occupational therapists:

You might be an occupational therapist if:
You’ve secretly evaluated your family, friends and even the dog.
You know everyone self-stims every once in a while.
You think the whole world could benefit from a little Occupational therapy.

Top 10 Reasons to Stay Up Late With An Occupational Therapist:
10. OT’s use adaptive equipment and devices!
9. OT’s use the FULL range of motion!
8. OT’s are adaptable!
7. OT’s grade the activity for optimal performance!
6. OT’s do it with a purpose!
5. OT’s use proper positioning!
4. OT’s do it for phyiscal and mental health!
3. OT’s do it actively and passively!
2. OT’s do it in groups!
1. OT’s do it creatively!

Have you hugged an occupational therapist today?

November 11, 2007


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I spent the better part of my day today sewing.  I’ve completed a quilt top with matching pillowcase for my honorary niece.  I’m going to have a friend embroider her name on both the quilt and the pillowcase. And it will be her Christmas present.  Hopefully next weekend I’ll be able to quilt that one and the one for CP’s parents.  Then I’ll only have the one for my friend HEARSB to cut out and sew before Christmas. 
So, I’m not into decorating this early in the season, but I am into shopping early.  I’m going to brag a little bit here, kids, but I am all kinds of on fire with Christmas shopping this year!  I’ve bought presents for my brother, sister-in-law, mom, friend, honorary niece, another friend, CP’s parents and figured out what to buy CP.  (I’m ordering it this week after I get paid.)  And my sister’s college graduation is also in December and I’ve got her presents ordered.  Like I said, I’m all kinds of on fire!  I am not usually this far ahead, but when you’re good, you’re good. 

November 9, 2007


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So today at work my mother called and asked me to stop at the grocery store on the way home for some Rice Krispies and butter for Oatmeal Krispie Cookies.  So I was thinking about it and wrote down what she needed so I could get them.  Then I decided to get the stuff for RA’s Pumpkin Dip because I’ve really been wanting to try it out.  And I figured while I was trying out pumpkin recipes I’d get the stuff for the pumpkin butterscotch cookies.  So I looked the recipes up and printed them out at work so I’d know what to get. 
Had my little list all written out.  Got everything I needed. Including the loaf of bread my mom had called and asked me for.  And some Muenster cheese for grilled cheese sandwiches.  Yum.  Muenster cheese. 

So I get all my stuff together.  And get checked out.  Headed home.  Realize I’ve forgotten the Rice Krispies. That I had written on my list.  (Remember the other day when I told you I was turning into my mother? This little event is just more evidence)  Stop at 3, yes 3 convenience stores on the way home in the hope that one would have Rice Krispies.  No such luck.  Every other kind of basic cereal, but no freakin’ Rice Krispies.  So my mom went out to the store to get the Rice Krispies.  And I started the Pumpkin Dip. And the cookies. 
People, this pumpkin dip is AWESOME.  Go to the store, get the ingredients and make some!  And RA, its also tasty on Oatmeal Krispie Cookies.  (Recipe after the break) Am also enjoying the pumpkin cookies, but I agree with RA about the butterscotch chips- probably want to cut back on those.


November 4, 2007

Weekend Recap

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So I was going to give you guys any more picture posts this close to the last go ’round, but I wanted to share some of the pix from my trip to G’ville for G@tor homecoming this weekend. 
Friday night at G@tor Growl we saw Lynyrd Skynrd.

The crowd at G@tor Growl


One of my favorite traditions is that the football players come over to where the band sits and sings the alma mater after the game.

And one of the reasons I heart Tim Tebow is that he does this after home games…

With my sister at the game

You can take the dork out the band, but she’ll always have a thing for drummers…

November 2, 2007

Last of the pictures from my trip…

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October 30, 2007

More falling water…

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After the first hike to Robert Treman State Park, we went to Buttermilk Falls State Park.  Less hiking, plenty of falling water. 

Check out my mad posing skillz…

I loved this bridge!

And we went yet another park- Taughannock Falls

Me at the Falls overlook

Almost done with the cop out picture posts. 
Happy Halloween tomorrow kids!

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